We Wish You A Merry Christmas!

Experience absolutely necessary

On Thursday night we went with my family to the outstanding play A Christmas Carol at Hale Center Theater in Orem. I was inspired and felt the Christmas spirit in its purity. I highly recommend it to anyone in the area.

Colleen (mom in law) is usually able to babysit for us when we go out with my family, but she had other obligations. We hired two girls from the ward to babysit. To make a long story short: Audrey fell off the changing table....and she has a broken leg.
She gets a cast tomorrow.
Any suggestions on the color?

If you would have driven by our house Friday night, you might have seen Ammon and I through the window learning the Thriller dance.

So you had a bad day...

A mother's intuition or inspiration? I lean to the latter.
Monday morning Hyrum woke up with a fever. I felt like I should take him to see the doctor, worried it might be his throat again. Sure enough, his tonsils are infected again. We left with an antibiotic stronger than Amoxicillan.
Today, 72 hours after beginning antibiotic treatment, he's still fevered. We're talking a high fever. (104.9) Everyone I talked to; parents, family, friends, nurses, said I probably should/really should/absolutely must take him back to the doctor. This morning I decided to take him back to the health center.
As I was getting the kids ready, loading and backing out of the garage a re-current thought pressed on my mind: "You don't have to go." I justified. I disregarded. I went. The day is now over; it's been a rough one--all because I didn't heed that simple inspiration. The feeling in my chest is the worst part.
SO at the doctor's office Hy's temp was 105.2. This obviously worried the staff. After poking around in his throat three times, taking blood, pressuring him to pee in a cup, and then attaching a bag to catch his pee and pressuring him more (all while the poor baby has the shivers and a belly ache) They tell me that sometimes this antibiotic takes 4 days to work and is still the best treatment for the infection. We left without urine sample success. Hyrum screamed and I cried as I did my best to un-bond the sticker like bag from his most sensitive areas. (After a soak in the tub, ample soap, and baby oil, I just had to pull it fast.)
The moral of the story is: We didn't have to go. Someone knew that and He was trying to save our family some pain. I'm sorry, Hyrum.
We had a bad day, but we saved our evening. We medicated with a pull the mattresses onto the floor, popcorn and ice cream, movie night. Hits the spot.

The Big Party!

It's obvious I should have waited until after her birthday to get her pictures taken. She got the cutest tutu and leg warmers (thanks Shanda and Myka)! She was walking around pointing her toes all afternoon. By the end of the party she was running all over, her little legs could barely keep up. She kept performing half somersaults (just the position before you actually roll). I have never seen her so hyper. I blame the sugar. Thank you to all who came to celebrate with us.

Happy Birthday, Audrey! My baby turned one and decided to grow up. The week of her birthday she started walking, talking and sleeping through the night.

Don't you hate it when you take a bite of food and smell diaper ointment. Then you realize you didn't wash your hands after you slathered A&D all over your baby's bottom. Yummy.

Siegfried's Deli in SLC
We went today.
The Germany lover had
Bratwurst, Sauer Kraut, and Spaetzle.
I had a Pastrami Reuben Sandwich on Rye.
It was authentic (YUMMY) German bistro food.
They have a little German market with lots of chocolate.
We left with marzipan, uberraschungs eier (Carrie, I think Benson would love these), and lebkuchen.
We like to scope out the European food market.
Any suggestions?

Audrey: Blue eyes at the farm

What gets me through the day...

"Mom, I wanna choose a stick."
We have so much fun with this little jar of sticks.
It makes the thinking of what to do easy.
I even color coordinated them
Blue/Yellow: Quiet activities (Necessary when Audrey is sleeping)
Green: Outside
Red: Loud run around crazy fun
Whenever I think of another activity I add a stick to the jar.
Today we played with the camera.
We recently tried finger painting for the first time. (Pudding, marshmallow, and Rice Krispie Treat as the mediums)Trips to the park (This picture was too cute not to share).
(It's nice that Hy doesn't read. I don't always have to do what the stick says.)

7 Tag
7 Things I can do:
1. Try
2. Enjoy
3. Kiss
4. Laugh
5. Give
6. Find
7. Create

7 Things I can't do:
1. Starve
2. Hate
3. Refer to previous post and link... :)

7 Things that attract me to Ammon:
1. He sees me
2. He hears me
3. His charity
4. You know, he was Senior Class "Best Body" (His words: "I see, I'm just a piece of meat.")
5. His faith
6. He works hard
7. His hope

7 Things I say most often:
1. Do you have your phone?
2. Do you have your lunch?
3. I love you
4. What do I like to hear? (the response is: OK Mom!)
5. Do you need to go to Time Out?
6. Thank you
7. Good Job

7 celebrity admiration's: I'm with Melissa, no Hollywood celeb admirations here.

7 Favorite foods:
1. Spice Cake from my wedding (Jeanne's Cakes)
2. Northampton House Chicken Marsala
3. Nattalie's Pumpkin Bread
4. My mom's turkey and cranberry sandwiches
5. Waffles with syrup, whipped cream, and strawberries
6. Fresh Bread
7. Colleen's Chicken Enchiladas

Daddy do it?

There have been times when I am doing something that is difficult, like trying to carry something too heavy or unscrew the lid on a pickle jar, when I say something like: "Wow, this is too hard; we'll have to have daddy do it."

Hyrum has picked up on this. And now if I struggle in the least bit with a task, he asks:
"Hard, Mom? Daddy do it?" He said this to me when it took me a couple attempts to zip up his jacket. He said this to me when I was struggling to get the lid on the Tupperware. He even said this to me when I used more than the usual amount of wipes when changing his diaper (then again that is a task I am willing to let daddy do.)

It bugs me. I say, "No, Hyrum. Mommy can do it. I can do hard things!" I've repeated this refrain to my toddler several times this week. I think it's having an effect on me. First, I realized how often I do ask Ammon for help. Second, the declaration, "I can do hard things," floating around in my head is empowering and reminds me of this excellent talk.

Like today when I sucked up three feet of string (attached to a balloon) into the vacuum, I didn't follow my initial reaction to ask Ammon to untangle it--I did it myself. That's not all. I dropped a small part of Audrey's sippy cup into the disposal, and I actually reached in and got it out myself!
Guess what else. I've made bread! Not just once, but four times and I even tried rolls. It isn't so hard...and I liked it....A Lot.

The moral of the story is: Toddlers can be an effective method toward self awareness. Thanks to Hyrum for seeing so clearly my tendency to have others do for me what I could easily do for myself. And thanks for the increased self-respect.

Good Morning

Good Morning, Snow. It was a good morning.

The Festivities:

The Pumpkin Carving:The Cookie Making:
The Cutest Candy Corn:The Feat:The Family:The Loot:

Hyrum loved Halloween this year! He loved dressing up, seeing his cousins, and going Trick or Treating. Ammon and I took him around our neighborhood. He didn't want to go home! He kept saying, "Two more houses, kay." Every day since he's said he wants to "do Halloween again." We have so much candy left over that I let him Trick or Treat at our house a couple times a day. The (maybe) 30 Trick or Treaters we had didn't put a dent in our Costco 120 count candy bar assortment. We're still accepting trick or treaters if you want to stop by. Anyone else have low attendance? Is Trick or Treating dying or just being replaced by Trunk or Treat? (Certainly any child can see that Trunk or Treating offers maximum amount of candy in the least amount of time.)

Darkness Falls Across the Land, The Midnight Hour is Close at Hand...

We used Disney's Photo Pass system, which would have been really convenient if we hadn't lost the photo card. So I don't have the family pics in front of the BIG disney pumpkin and all the rest. bummer. My parents are away at Thriller at the Tuacahn in St. George this weekend. It can't be Halloween without Thriller?! This is the first year in many that I won't be attending. We will just have to have our own performance at home. Or maybe we'll just watch 13 Going on 30.

"Happy Big Boy Day to you!"

On the morning of Tuesday, October 13:
Me: Hyrum, are you ready to be a big boy today?
Hyrum: Yeah.
Me: Big boys don't have binkies.
Hyrum: Cut it, mom?
Me: Yep, we'll have to cut it and throw it in the garbage. Are you ready?
Hyrum: Yeah.

Then Hyrum willingly cut all his binkies by himself. He threw them in the garbage and then while saying "Bye Bye Binkies," we took the garbage out to the dumpster. We immediately called Daddy and the grandparents so they could praise Hyrum in this big step.

We had a Big Boy Party to celebrate, complete with pizza, cake and a present.

Hyrum has done pretty well without it. Initially he cried more at nap time, and woke up more in the night. He's improving; I really think he will get better quality sleep without sucking on a binky all night.

So, YAHOO! We are finally free of the B-I-N-K-Y.

Time: A Precious Commodity

I have been blessed with a keen awareness of Time. It has always fascinated me and has begun to frighten me. Time never stops; until, one day it does. It is my most precious commodity; probably because I don't know how much of it I have, for myself or for those I love. Life is short. Time stops prematurely for some, but even those who live to be 100 will attest to the fact. I am 24 already, tomorrow I will be 50.

It's like clockwork, whenever I ponder Time, I am brought to this question, "What matters most?"

I received counsel recently that the most important thing I can do with the Time I have is to play with my children. We've been playing more, and I have loved every minute. I catch myself thinking again and again throughout the day, "This minute is unique. Enjoy this moment, because it will never come again."

I hate that I forget so easily. I can write; I can photograph but I can't capture the way Audrey's chubby thighs squish when I squeeze her or the way she cuddles up to me when she's nervous or the way she holds my hand as she falls asleep at night. Next year I won't remember the sound of Hyrum's "Luv ew," and the reaons why we laugh together each day.

But what can I do? Although I wish I could catch every movement and every word on videotape, when would I find Time to re-live it? Alas, Time forces me to let go of the past and coerces me to live in the present. It's not so bad. Next year I will have forgotten, but by then I will be making new memories.

God willing that I have that much Time, of course. Each night I pray to Father in Heaven, the lender of my every breath, for more Time. I'll take all I can get.

I'll share with you my answer to "What Matters Most?", which helps me remember how to occupy my most precious commodity: Time (By The Hour).

What matters most to me:
That my children know that I love them. Especially through spills, and crankiness, and mistakes.
That I always remember how much I love and support Ammon, and treat him appropriately.
That I strengthen relationships with my parents, siblings, in-laws, friends, and neighbors.
That I serve God to the best of my ability and seek to become the woman he already knows I am.
Ever-learning for myself and teaching my children that: Come what may, Jesus Christ loves us, and that He is the only way to real happiness.

Other things matter, but not really.

Speaking of Spontaneity

We decided at 5:30pm Thursday night to go to Anaheim for the weekend. We were on the road at 8:30 and in Disneyland for the weekend.
More to come after babies are sleeping...

Lesson learned

I've been a boring blogger. We've had a quiet month.

I thought about posting my meal clean up routine/ritual because I am so proud of it, but figured no one would care to read it. I used to get stressed after meals as I look around at all the residual mess; but now that I do the same things in the same order after every meal it's been rather soothing. (I can't resist: remove perishables from table and put away, pull garbage can out of cupboard, clear and rinse dishes, load dishwasher, wash hand washables, wipe down tables and highchairs, sweep and spot mop...) A little predictability or slight OCD cured my anxiety. Sometimes I still need country music for an extra boost to get started.

This seems like complete common sense as I look at it written down, but I'm only learning how to have a routine. You see, I have yet to attain household autonomy. I'm used to going to my mom's 4 or 5 times a week, and eating out with them a lot. Spontaneity we understand well. I never would have guessed that I would prefer staying home doing the above mentioned ritual followed by bedtime routines than saying yes to "come to dinner and a movie in five minutes." (Notice: I am still up for outings when time is provided for preparation.)

Lesson learned: Predictability = Less Anxiety

Other recent happenings include the baking of my very first pie. I used Colleen's homegrown apples and a recipe from a DI find cookbook. Miraculously, it was delicious! So, so good. I'm proud of myself. Next, I am going to attempt baking bread. I'll keep you posted on the results.

Also, we have officially pronounced Audrey's first "real" word as:

Audrey Pics

In context:
Enjoying the spoils

A Whole New World

It has begun...we have entered the world of "uncomfortable public commentary" from my two year old.

At Costco yesterday:
A black woman backed into us, as we were both looking at the frozen goods, we exchanged "excuse me" and continued on our way. Hyrum says, "Mom, you see that!? Black, mom, black!"

I'm just hoping Hyrum isn't as talented in this new area as his cousin Carter, who is known for these awkward jewels:
"Why is that guy so big, huge, fat?" (with emphasis)
"Look Dad, Jesus is in the hot tub!" (pointing to a long haired, half naked hippie, smoking in the hot tub)
"Mom, Buzz is up my butt." (referring to his Buzz Lightyear underwear)

My favorite is the time they were standing in a checkout line (correct me if I'm wrong Shanda)the man directly behind them was dressed in drag, Carter stared and pointed and asked, "Hey dad, Why is that daddy wearing makeup?" (What do you say to that?!)

Aren't they beautiful!

My sister and I canned pears and peaches today. This was only the second time I have done canning, and the first time without my mom's help. She wasn't with us in person anyway- we did have her detailed instructions. And Colleen, my mother in law, gave us a few pointers.

It was a good day's work. We started just before noon and I took the last batch off the stove at 8:00. It's satisfying to see the finished product and reap the rewards. Feels good.

Nattalie and I deem ourselves "real" women now that we have successfully canned *on our own*.

Autumn Rain

We have had awesome rain and thunder storms this year. We had a "big one" a couple of weeks ago. We opened the windows so we could eat lunch to the sights, sounds, and smells of the storm. The kids loved hearing the big bangs and seeing the lightning flashes. I love the rain (with one exception, riding a motorcycle in the rain is painful). I've had fun sharing with my children.

Ignore the bumpy filming. And yes, Hyrum is playing in the rain barefoot, without a jacket, and with a cough.

A stumbled upon tip

The room Audrey is in had a malfunctioning door knob and so it was removed.
As long as Audrey has been in the room the door has had a hole where we have never replaced the door knob. Surprisingly, it's been perfect! I can peek in at her at any time without disturbing her. It's a lot cheaper than an official peep hole or a video monitor. I think I will purposefully remove the door knob on my babies rooms in the future. (I happened to position the crib within view, something I will have to remember to replicate later.)

PS: Hyrum's meds: Amoxicillan mixed with about 2 Tbsp of grape juice; drink with a straw. The straw is an absolute necessity.

From Bad to Ugly

(The bandaid is just for comfort)
And Night

Today I took Hyrum to urgent care. We waited for over an hour in the tiny room with the crinkly paper for the doctor to examine Hyrum. We lost it. We went through all the treats in the diaper bag, told stories about the artwork in the room, changed diapers, and we even played Hide and Seek. I finally just opened the door, and we went back to the waiting room and played with the toys. We brought some books back and read them and still waited. The receptionist could tell I was on the verge; she brought us fruit snacks and a juice box 55 minutes into our sentence. I was just about to go home when the doctor finally came in. Needless to say, Hyrum had little patience for the exam. And I had even less. It's hard work keeping a two year old from entering "Melt Down Phase" when all roads are spiraling in that direction, especially with a tired baby on your hip.

It's a good thing we went because not only does he have an eye infection, he has a sinus infection. The doctor said his throat looks very sore and that he has a the beginnings of an ear infection also. Poor kid. We tried everything to encourage him to take his medicine willfully. But now there was no stopping it, we entered "Melt Down Phase" in it's entirety. In the end, we held him down and forced him to take it. "Take it" being used loosely, referring to what he may have swallowed while he was trying to spew it back in our faces. Twice a day for 10 days...and eye drops every 6 hours.

Can anyone identify which Disney cartoon this character comes from? His name is Pink Eye Pete. I remembered him, and thought he was from Recess, but I was wrong.

This is how Audrey communicates much of the time. We have screaming stand-offs every morning; she always wins.

My dad and brother like to yell her name when they see her in a tone that would start most kids crying (Hyrum still cries when they do it to him), but Audrey just growls and then screams right back. It makes me laugh every time!

Another Welcome Addition!

Welcome Baby Taylor!
....only four more babies to go! (2 Hatch side and 2 Bezzant side)


Name/Meaning behind it: Hyrum William Hatch;
William is Ammon's middle name; from his family history.
In May 2005, Ammon and his brother, Andrew, were doing baptisms for family in the temple. Ammon was baptized for Hiram Anderson. He came home and told me that we were going to have a baby boy and that we were going to name him Hyrum. We found out we were pregnant in July.

Age: 2 and a half

Nicknames: Hybug, Harvey

Favorite Activity: "Ball and Bat" (Using anthying that resembles a bat or paddle to hit anything that resembles a ball)

Favorite Food: "Chicken"

Least Favorite Food: He doesn't get a preference.

Favorite Music: "Jesus song" (Tell Me the Stories of Jesus); "Temple Song"

Favorite Toy: "1, 2, 3 Toys" (Too many to name just one)

Favorite Book: "Apple Animal Book" (Recent library find)

Favorite item of clothing: "Eagle Shirt"

What makes me happy: "Audrey Happy, Daddy Happy, Mommy Happy, Hyrum Happy"

What makes me sad: "I hit Gunner. I hit Kaden." (These are his friends in nursery. When he hits he gets in trouble.)

Fresh Ideas

Hyrum was in his room playing with his Play-Doh just the way his mommy taught him: you play with one color and then you put it away before you get out a new color. (For Play-Doh longevity and avoiding added participation in Play-Doh time, I chose to never suggest the idea of mixing colors, a decision every parent has to make for him/herself.)
But this particular day Hyrum found a fresh source of information: the forbidden Play-Doh owner's manual. He unfolded the pamphlet to reveal the novel material. After making himself comfortable, he seriously studied it.

I left him to his investigating for a time (thinking nothing of it, really), but when I came back Hyrum was thrilled to show me his work. His eyes were opened to a whole new world! Gone are the days of the clean, pure hues of Play-Doh.

Yes, that is every color we own.

I couldn't keep it from him forever.