Name/Meaning behind it: Hyrum William Hatch;
William is Ammon's middle name; from his family history.
In May 2005, Ammon and his brother, Andrew, were doing baptisms for family in the temple. Ammon was baptized for Hiram Anderson. He came home and told me that we were going to have a baby boy and that we were going to name him Hyrum. We found out we were pregnant in July.

Age: 2 and a half

Nicknames: Hybug, Harvey

Favorite Activity: "Ball and Bat" (Using anthying that resembles a bat or paddle to hit anything that resembles a ball)

Favorite Food: "Chicken"

Least Favorite Food: He doesn't get a preference.

Favorite Music: "Jesus song" (Tell Me the Stories of Jesus); "Temple Song"

Favorite Toy: "1, 2, 3 Toys" (Too many to name just one)

Favorite Book: "Apple Animal Book" (Recent library find)

Favorite item of clothing: "Eagle Shirt"

What makes me happy: "Audrey Happy, Daddy Happy, Mommy Happy, Hyrum Happy"

What makes me sad: "I hit Gunner. I hit Kaden." (These are his friends in nursery. When he hits he gets in trouble.)

Fresh Ideas

Hyrum was in his room playing with his Play-Doh just the way his mommy taught him: you play with one color and then you put it away before you get out a new color. (For Play-Doh longevity and avoiding added participation in Play-Doh time, I chose to never suggest the idea of mixing colors, a decision every parent has to make for him/herself.)
But this particular day Hyrum found a fresh source of information: the forbidden Play-Doh owner's manual. He unfolded the pamphlet to reveal the novel material. After making himself comfortable, he seriously studied it.

I left him to his investigating for a time (thinking nothing of it, really), but when I came back Hyrum was thrilled to show me his work. His eyes were opened to a whole new world! Gone are the days of the clean, pure hues of Play-Doh.

Yes, that is every color we own.

I couldn't keep it from him forever.

Coming Home

When Hyrum woke up on Thursday morning, I made this mistake:
"We get to go to the airport and see Adam come home today!"
The plane came in at 11:30 pm. I wasn't lying, buy I might as well been, because to Hyrum today means now. From that moment on he couldn't stop talking about it. He even brought his Spiderman bag upstairs and told me he needed to pack. He was a little disappointed when he realized we weren't riding on an airplane. He was so confused when I put him down for his nap, and even more confused when I put him down for bed.

But he was thrilled (after a few groggy minutes) when we woke him up and told him it was time to go! He stayed awake the whole drive up to the "hairport" talking about seeing Uncle Adam.
And see Adam we did:

The Sighting

First Meeting

We commented on how skinny he is and he said, "You don't know what it's like to eat beans and rice every day." Then he looked around at all of us and said, "You've all been eating well." He then came right out and called us fat. We thought that was funny. He will fatten up too. (He's so skinny he has even lost his cheeks--that is hard to do for us Bezzants!)

Adam had been in lock down the last week in Honduras because a gang, angry at the United States because of this, was out to get all the gringos.

When he went to leave Honduras he discovered that his visa had not been done properly and that he had only received permission to be in Honduras for 90 days. They were going to arrest them and not allow them to leave the country. Adam said the church paid 7000 lemps for each elder to get through, as kind of a bribe.

Good thing he served an honorable mission and we were all praying he would get home safe!

Welcome home Adam!

And in other news: Welcome baby Tristan!

The Little Things

She doesn't always do the one leg thing; I think the dress threw her off a bit.

I didn't edit out Hyrum getting into trouble because I thought Audrey's reaction was funny.


We've been busy.
Audrey has been officially crawling for 2 weeks now.
Welcome Baby Eli!
Happy Birthday Lissa.