Darkness Falls Across the Land, The Midnight Hour is Close at Hand...

We used Disney's Photo Pass system, which would have been really convenient if we hadn't lost the photo card. So I don't have the family pics in front of the BIG disney pumpkin and all the rest. bummer. My parents are away at Thriller at the Tuacahn in St. George this weekend. It can't be Halloween without Thriller?! This is the first year in many that I won't be attending. We will just have to have our own performance at home. Or maybe we'll just watch 13 Going on 30.

"Happy Big Boy Day to you!"

On the morning of Tuesday, October 13:
Me: Hyrum, are you ready to be a big boy today?
Hyrum: Yeah.
Me: Big boys don't have binkies.
Hyrum: Cut it, mom?
Me: Yep, we'll have to cut it and throw it in the garbage. Are you ready?
Hyrum: Yeah.

Then Hyrum willingly cut all his binkies by himself. He threw them in the garbage and then while saying "Bye Bye Binkies," we took the garbage out to the dumpster. We immediately called Daddy and the grandparents so they could praise Hyrum in this big step.

We had a Big Boy Party to celebrate, complete with pizza, cake and a present.

Hyrum has done pretty well without it. Initially he cried more at nap time, and woke up more in the night. He's improving; I really think he will get better quality sleep without sucking on a binky all night.

So, YAHOO! We are finally free of the B-I-N-K-Y.

Time: A Precious Commodity

I have been blessed with a keen awareness of Time. It has always fascinated me and has begun to frighten me. Time never stops; until, one day it does. It is my most precious commodity; probably because I don't know how much of it I have, for myself or for those I love. Life is short. Time stops prematurely for some, but even those who live to be 100 will attest to the fact. I am 24 already, tomorrow I will be 50.

It's like clockwork, whenever I ponder Time, I am brought to this question, "What matters most?"

I received counsel recently that the most important thing I can do with the Time I have is to play with my children. We've been playing more, and I have loved every minute. I catch myself thinking again and again throughout the day, "This minute is unique. Enjoy this moment, because it will never come again."

I hate that I forget so easily. I can write; I can photograph but I can't capture the way Audrey's chubby thighs squish when I squeeze her or the way she cuddles up to me when she's nervous or the way she holds my hand as she falls asleep at night. Next year I won't remember the sound of Hyrum's "Luv ew," and the reaons why we laugh together each day.

But what can I do? Although I wish I could catch every movement and every word on videotape, when would I find Time to re-live it? Alas, Time forces me to let go of the past and coerces me to live in the present. It's not so bad. Next year I will have forgotten, but by then I will be making new memories.

God willing that I have that much Time, of course. Each night I pray to Father in Heaven, the lender of my every breath, for more Time. I'll take all I can get.

I'll share with you my answer to "What Matters Most?", which helps me remember how to occupy my most precious commodity: Time (By The Hour).

What matters most to me:
That my children know that I love them. Especially through spills, and crankiness, and mistakes.
That I always remember how much I love and support Ammon, and treat him appropriately.
That I strengthen relationships with my parents, siblings, in-laws, friends, and neighbors.
That I serve God to the best of my ability and seek to become the woman he already knows I am.
Ever-learning for myself and teaching my children that: Come what may, Jesus Christ loves us, and that He is the only way to real happiness.

Other things matter, but not really.

Speaking of Spontaneity

We decided at 5:30pm Thursday night to go to Anaheim for the weekend. We were on the road at 8:30 and in Disneyland for the weekend.
More to come after babies are sleeping...

Lesson learned

I've been a boring blogger. We've had a quiet month.

I thought about posting my meal clean up routine/ritual because I am so proud of it, but figured no one would care to read it. I used to get stressed after meals as I look around at all the residual mess; but now that I do the same things in the same order after every meal it's been rather soothing. (I can't resist: remove perishables from table and put away, pull garbage can out of cupboard, clear and rinse dishes, load dishwasher, wash hand washables, wipe down tables and highchairs, sweep and spot mop...) A little predictability or slight OCD cured my anxiety. Sometimes I still need country music for an extra boost to get started.

This seems like complete common sense as I look at it written down, but I'm only learning how to have a routine. You see, I have yet to attain household autonomy. I'm used to going to my mom's 4 or 5 times a week, and eating out with them a lot. Spontaneity we understand well. I never would have guessed that I would prefer staying home doing the above mentioned ritual followed by bedtime routines than saying yes to "come to dinner and a movie in five minutes." (Notice: I am still up for outings when time is provided for preparation.)

Lesson learned: Predictability = Less Anxiety

Other recent happenings include the baking of my very first pie. I used Colleen's homegrown apples and a recipe from a DI find cookbook. Miraculously, it was delicious! So, so good. I'm proud of myself. Next, I am going to attempt baking bread. I'll keep you posted on the results.

Also, we have officially pronounced Audrey's first "real" word as:

Audrey Pics

In context:
Enjoying the spoils