Time: A Precious Commodity

I have been blessed with a keen awareness of Time. It has always fascinated me and has begun to frighten me. Time never stops; until, one day it does. It is my most precious commodity; probably because I don't know how much of it I have, for myself or for those I love. Life is short. Time stops prematurely for some, but even those who live to be 100 will attest to the fact. I am 24 already, tomorrow I will be 50.

It's like clockwork, whenever I ponder Time, I am brought to this question, "What matters most?"

I received counsel recently that the most important thing I can do with the Time I have is to play with my children. We've been playing more, and I have loved every minute. I catch myself thinking again and again throughout the day, "This minute is unique. Enjoy this moment, because it will never come again."

I hate that I forget so easily. I can write; I can photograph but I can't capture the way Audrey's chubby thighs squish when I squeeze her or the way she cuddles up to me when she's nervous or the way she holds my hand as she falls asleep at night. Next year I won't remember the sound of Hyrum's "Luv ew," and the reaons why we laugh together each day.

But what can I do? Although I wish I could catch every movement and every word on videotape, when would I find Time to re-live it? Alas, Time forces me to let go of the past and coerces me to live in the present. It's not so bad. Next year I will have forgotten, but by then I will be making new memories.

God willing that I have that much Time, of course. Each night I pray to Father in Heaven, the lender of my every breath, for more Time. I'll take all I can get.

I'll share with you my answer to "What Matters Most?", which helps me remember how to occupy my most precious commodity: Time (By The Hour).

What matters most to me:
That my children know that I love them. Especially through spills, and crankiness, and mistakes.
That I always remember how much I love and support Ammon, and treat him appropriately.
That I strengthen relationships with my parents, siblings, in-laws, friends, and neighbors.
That I serve God to the best of my ability and seek to become the woman he already knows I am.
Ever-learning for myself and teaching my children that: Come what may, Jesus Christ loves us, and that He is the only way to real happiness.

Other things matter, but not really.


Jen~e said...

well put Abby. won't it be a wonderful day when the veil is taken off our minds and being perfect, we'll be able to remember all the little things.

The Brown's said...

Abby I appriciated your blog today. It really hit home for me and I am going to take your wisdom and run with it. I find myself all to often spending my time and efforts on things that I think are important but really don't. Thank you for the insight:O)

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