Hyrum's words

I wrote in my journal last Sunday. I tried to write down all the words Hyrum says. Of course since then, I have realized that I left off several words! Like every time he hears a dog bark, he says, "Cheif, NO!" I think I even left off his adorable, "Please," and "Thank you"s.

My most recent favorite thing about my son is this: He is serious about his privacy. Often times when he is playing (especially when he is playing with something he knows he shouldn't) he will not allow me in the room. He pushes on my legs while saying, "No," "Go." and then he'll wave and in the sweetest voice say, "Bye Bye." Sometimes he'll even push me toward the couch, have me sit down, and tell me to, "Otch a show."

We often have him sit down and watch a show when we want to distract him. He's a smart kid.