New Discovery

Today I found this LDS mom's blog.
It was too funny not to share.
I recommend the "Readers Favorites,"
(except maybe the "paper underpants," it might be a little too graphic for all readers.)

10 minutes is plenty of time for a 2 year old...

I left Hyrum upstairs while I put Audrey to sleep. He was playing with the straps and little buckles on my shoes. I was gone for about 10 minutes...and he was being very quiet. I was hoping he had kept himself occupied with the shoes, but that was just too good to be true.

When I came back upstairs, this is what I found:

I only took a picture of one tube, but he emptied TWO!

This is the second time he has done this! I didn't catch him as fast this time, which gave him ample time to smear it ALL OVER his body. First I tried to use his shirt to wipe off as much as possible, then I put him in the bath. He only had the patience to let me wash his hair it is still a little greasy.

Does anyone know how I should go about removing oil-based diaper ointment from my couch?

First Pig Tails!!

It wasn't easy, but we did it! Now we just need to get some bows!

4th of July FUN!!


A Salesman just came to the door. I answered the door.

"Hello, is your mom or dad at home?"
Now instead of just laughing and telling him I am the Mom...or something normal.

I freeze up and lie.

I say, "No."
"Do you know when they will be back?"
I say, "I don't know."
"If I come back after 5pm will they be here?"
I say, "Yes."
Then he gives me a spill about how he is a student from somewhere in Europe and he is selling educational programs for children.
"And how old are your brothers and sisters?"
I pause...and then say, "We just have a two year old."

I am such a dork. I hope I won't have to continue the charade if he comes back.
Apparently I look young, or maybe just younger than European women.

Birthday and Anniversary

Today is Abby's birthday. Isn't she great? Since we are mostly poor the only thing she really wanted was for me to be around to spend time with her; Sadly I got distracted a few times. We went to see WALL-E with Hyrum; Thank's Big-Mamma for watching Audrey. Then we had lunch at Abby's favorite steak house "Ruby River"; she has now eaten there twice. Thank's Big-daddy for the birthday dinner. All in all it was a fun day and we are most grateful for Abby.

While birthday celebrations are enjoyable today is also the anniversary of Dad's passing. The last week has been rather emotional. I may never know everything my dad means to me. I miss him. Looking back I am grateful for countless hours I spent with him doing projects. At the time I often dreaded it. I remember well a trip I made with him to pick up a car. As we drove I expressed my frustrations about how much of my valuable teenage time his projects took from me. At one point I said, "Isn't our purpose to have joy?" His response was to the effect of, "That's just a matter of where your joy is." I thought of that again recently as I participated in a car venture of my own. I invested in a vehicle that needed an Engine thinking I could make a profit and ended up taking a loss. As I contemplated the experience I wondered wether dad profitted from many of his "Car Projects." My conclusion was probably not and while he may have invested a lot of time rebuilding random things whith his children more important than the project he built a lot of character in his kids. Whenever an employer comments on my work ethic I attribute it to dad. Whenever friends and neighbors say we Hatchs' know how to work it is a tribute to dad. That was what he built all those years working with his children. And although the cars we worked on will end up, and may already be, in scrapyards, and the sidewalks and buildings may one day be replaced, the legacy of his family will endure forever.