Audrey thinks she is big enough to sit on a bar stool. Look at that proud face. I hoped she would keep her balance long enough for me to take a picture--then I was right back in catching range.Speaking of bar stools, Hyrum fell from one at my mom's last Tuesday. We can now say we've done stitches (along with the broken bones). He got two stitches in the back of his head. I was saved the trauma of holding him down and witnessing the horror because it all happened while I was at the temple. Ammon took care of it.I've been ambitious with Audrey's hair recently. Thanks to Jessica. It's fun. I'm learning. Still haven't tried a french braid on her though :) This is for the Strawberry Days Parade. The kids had a good time when they weren't distracted/quarreling/whining/running down the road, on account of the candy. Oh the things people will do for sugar.

Notice the candy eating mouth.
Our little dragon slayer, wearing the Armor of God.
When I'm at my best Hyrum and I do "Scripture Hero" together in the evenings. I mark ahead passages in my reading of the Book of Mormon. We sing Scripture Power and read a passage I have marked (we started at the beginning) and then we usually act it out as many times as I have patience for. He always likes to put on the Armor of God, we name each part as we put it on, and fight. I don't have armor, so he injures me pretty easily. He stays safe because of his armor. It's a good object lesson, even if he doesn't understand the meaning of it yet.

Audrey and Grandma Jean reading together.

Audrey's cute quote of the day: Every time we go outside she says, "Mom, I swing a minute?" I can't resist; we just have to go borrow the neighbor's tree swing for a minute.

Kefir anyone?

I bought kefir grains from this lady a month or so ago. I've been making kefir for our family (OK mostly me) since.
It grows, and I'm have more than I can eat.
Ammon considers these little guys "another mouth to feed," because of how much milk I have to give them to keep them alive.

I can't bring myself to just throw the excess away; people pay for this!

Anyone interested in boosting their family's nutrition is welcome to my kefir bounty!

Photo Post of DISNEYLAND!

Have you read this book?
Sandcake by Frank Asch
Hyrum didn't care too much about re-enacting it, but I had fun.

With some cropping and some color play, the above photo may have potential.

Princess Audrey on King Triton's Carousel. After 5 consecutive times around they crowned her and announced has as a special guest over the speaker. She got a round of applause.

The whole crew.
Jedi Training. Hyrum decided to come back and watch saying, "I'm still a little bit too little."
Awesome to meet up with Hatch cousins while in Disneyland!

Hyrum's thrill ride

Crazy, Fun, Didn't want to come back home--but it's always good to be home.