We Wish You A Merry Christmas!

Experience absolutely necessary

On Thursday night we went with my family to the outstanding play A Christmas Carol at Hale Center Theater in Orem. I was inspired and felt the Christmas spirit in its purity. I highly recommend it to anyone in the area.

Colleen (mom in law) is usually able to babysit for us when we go out with my family, but she had other obligations. We hired two girls from the ward to babysit. To make a long story short: Audrey fell off the changing table....and she has a broken leg.
She gets a cast tomorrow.
Any suggestions on the color?

If you would have driven by our house Friday night, you might have seen Ammon and I through the window learning the Thriller dance.

So you had a bad day...

A mother's intuition or inspiration? I lean to the latter.
Monday morning Hyrum woke up with a fever. I felt like I should take him to see the doctor, worried it might be his throat again. Sure enough, his tonsils are infected again. We left with an antibiotic stronger than Amoxicillan.
Today, 72 hours after beginning antibiotic treatment, he's still fevered. We're talking a high fever. (104.9) Everyone I talked to; parents, family, friends, nurses, said I probably should/really should/absolutely must take him back to the doctor. This morning I decided to take him back to the health center.
As I was getting the kids ready, loading and backing out of the garage a re-current thought pressed on my mind: "You don't have to go." I justified. I disregarded. I went. The day is now over; it's been a rough one--all because I didn't heed that simple inspiration. The feeling in my chest is the worst part.
SO at the doctor's office Hy's temp was 105.2. This obviously worried the staff. After poking around in his throat three times, taking blood, pressuring him to pee in a cup, and then attaching a bag to catch his pee and pressuring him more (all while the poor baby has the shivers and a belly ache) They tell me that sometimes this antibiotic takes 4 days to work and is still the best treatment for the infection. We left without urine sample success. Hyrum screamed and I cried as I did my best to un-bond the sticker like bag from his most sensitive areas. (After a soak in the tub, ample soap, and baby oil, I just had to pull it fast.)
The moral of the story is: We didn't have to go. Someone knew that and He was trying to save our family some pain. I'm sorry, Hyrum.
We had a bad day, but we saved our evening. We medicated with a pull the mattresses onto the floor, popcorn and ice cream, movie night. Hits the spot.

The Big Party!

It's obvious I should have waited until after her birthday to get her pictures taken. She got the cutest tutu and leg warmers (thanks Shanda and Myka)! She was walking around pointing her toes all afternoon. By the end of the party she was running all over, her little legs could barely keep up. She kept performing half somersaults (just the position before you actually roll). I have never seen her so hyper. I blame the sugar. Thank you to all who came to celebrate with us.

Happy Birthday, Audrey! My baby turned one and decided to grow up. The week of her birthday she started walking, talking and sleeping through the night.