The Big Party!

It's obvious I should have waited until after her birthday to get her pictures taken. She got the cutest tutu and leg warmers (thanks Shanda and Myka)! She was walking around pointing her toes all afternoon. By the end of the party she was running all over, her little legs could barely keep up. She kept performing half somersaults (just the position before you actually roll). I have never seen her so hyper. I blame the sugar. Thank you to all who came to celebrate with us.

Happy Birthday, Audrey! My baby turned one and decided to grow up. The week of her birthday she started walking, talking and sleeping through the night.


Andrew and Melissa said...

She is so very cute! We wish we could of been there to help celebrate.

Happy Birthday Audrey!

melissa said...

and wearing tutus!

Carrie said...

Happy birthday to her! I could swear she was just born.

AaronsherriHatch said...

Oh my gosh!!! when I first seen your post I thought what look her hair is getting longer! Then I read on to find she's walking, talking, and sleeping ALL night. I remember how exciting these milestones are. Way to go Audrey!!

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