Don't you hate it when you take a bite of food and smell diaper ointment. Then you realize you didn't wash your hands after you slathered A&D all over your baby's bottom. Yummy.

Siegfried's Deli in SLC
We went today.
The Germany lover had
Bratwurst, Sauer Kraut, and Spaetzle.
I had a Pastrami Reuben Sandwich on Rye.
It was authentic (YUMMY) German bistro food.
They have a little German market with lots of chocolate.
We left with marzipan, uberraschungs eier (Carrie, I think Benson would love these), and lebkuchen.
We like to scope out the European food market.
Any suggestions?

Audrey: Blue eyes at the farm

What gets me through the day...

"Mom, I wanna choose a stick."
We have so much fun with this little jar of sticks.
It makes the thinking of what to do easy.
I even color coordinated them
Blue/Yellow: Quiet activities (Necessary when Audrey is sleeping)
Green: Outside
Red: Loud run around crazy fun
Whenever I think of another activity I add a stick to the jar.
Today we played with the camera.
We recently tried finger painting for the first time. (Pudding, marshmallow, and Rice Krispie Treat as the mediums)Trips to the park (This picture was too cute not to share).
(It's nice that Hy doesn't read. I don't always have to do what the stick says.)

7 Tag
7 Things I can do:
1. Try
2. Enjoy
3. Kiss
4. Laugh
5. Give
6. Find
7. Create

7 Things I can't do:
1. Starve
2. Hate
3. Refer to previous post and link... :)

7 Things that attract me to Ammon:
1. He sees me
2. He hears me
3. His charity
4. You know, he was Senior Class "Best Body" (His words: "I see, I'm just a piece of meat.")
5. His faith
6. He works hard
7. His hope

7 Things I say most often:
1. Do you have your phone?
2. Do you have your lunch?
3. I love you
4. What do I like to hear? (the response is: OK Mom!)
5. Do you need to go to Time Out?
6. Thank you
7. Good Job

7 celebrity admiration's: I'm with Melissa, no Hollywood celeb admirations here.

7 Favorite foods:
1. Spice Cake from my wedding (Jeanne's Cakes)
2. Northampton House Chicken Marsala
3. Nattalie's Pumpkin Bread
4. My mom's turkey and cranberry sandwiches
5. Waffles with syrup, whipped cream, and strawberries
6. Fresh Bread
7. Colleen's Chicken Enchiladas

Daddy do it?

There have been times when I am doing something that is difficult, like trying to carry something too heavy or unscrew the lid on a pickle jar, when I say something like: "Wow, this is too hard; we'll have to have daddy do it."

Hyrum has picked up on this. And now if I struggle in the least bit with a task, he asks:
"Hard, Mom? Daddy do it?" He said this to me when it took me a couple attempts to zip up his jacket. He said this to me when I was struggling to get the lid on the Tupperware. He even said this to me when I used more than the usual amount of wipes when changing his diaper (then again that is a task I am willing to let daddy do.)

It bugs me. I say, "No, Hyrum. Mommy can do it. I can do hard things!" I've repeated this refrain to my toddler several times this week. I think it's having an effect on me. First, I realized how often I do ask Ammon for help. Second, the declaration, "I can do hard things," floating around in my head is empowering and reminds me of this excellent talk.

Like today when I sucked up three feet of string (attached to a balloon) into the vacuum, I didn't follow my initial reaction to ask Ammon to untangle it--I did it myself. That's not all. I dropped a small part of Audrey's sippy cup into the disposal, and I actually reached in and got it out myself!
Guess what else. I've made bread! Not just once, but four times and I even tried rolls. It isn't so hard...and I liked it....A Lot.

The moral of the story is: Toddlers can be an effective method toward self awareness. Thanks to Hyrum for seeing so clearly my tendency to have others do for me what I could easily do for myself. And thanks for the increased self-respect.

Good Morning

Good Morning, Snow. It was a good morning.

The Festivities:

The Pumpkin Carving:The Cookie Making:
The Cutest Candy Corn:The Feat:The Family:The Loot:

Hyrum loved Halloween this year! He loved dressing up, seeing his cousins, and going Trick or Treating. Ammon and I took him around our neighborhood. He didn't want to go home! He kept saying, "Two more houses, kay." Every day since he's said he wants to "do Halloween again." We have so much candy left over that I let him Trick or Treat at our house a couple times a day. The (maybe) 30 Trick or Treaters we had didn't put a dent in our Costco 120 count candy bar assortment. We're still accepting trick or treaters if you want to stop by. Anyone else have low attendance? Is Trick or Treating dying or just being replaced by Trunk or Treat? (Certainly any child can see that Trunk or Treating offers maximum amount of candy in the least amount of time.)