Hyrum William Hatch **26 months old**

Hyrum was tagged by our cute friend Dawson Jardine.

8 things about our Hybug

1. He loves music. When we have Family Home Evening he likes to stand on something (anything) and lead us in singing. He loves to sing and dance. The other day we had the primary CD playing and I heard him singing along to "I am a Child of God." We started a Music Together class at the Music School that he really enjoys. He can’t wait until it’s time to go to “Class.”

2. Binky and Blankey. Hyrum has always been very attached to his binky. We have tried numerous ways of weaning him from it. We finally decided that we would buy him a Mickey stuffed animal, that we keep on a shelf by his bed. He has to give Mickey his binky when he wakes up, and Mickey keeps it for him until bedtime. When we go to Disneyland we will see Mickey for real and give him our binky for good. Hyrum usually does okay, but isn’t always happy about leaving his binky with Mickey. I’m afraid that when he does see Mickey he will give him a kick in the shins for stealing his bink!
Hyrum has a couple blue blankets that are his. I have to be sneaky to keep them clean. He loses it if he sees any of his blankets in the laundry basket or washer.

3. The Terrible Twos. He turned two and turned a little bit terrible. Tantrums are common. He likes to scream at my face, which I really enjoy! The more I ignore him the louder and higher he gets. Last Sunday he slapped Ammon across the face….the lovely child!
If you ask him what is in his hair, he says, “Bopper Hair.” Referring to the time he spread diaper ointment all over himself.
If you ask him what is in his nose, he says, “Popcorn Nose.” Referring to the time he stuck three popcorn kernels up his nose.
He was playing in his room recently and came out holding his hands out saying, “poop, poop.” He had stuck his fingers in his diaper, which was obviously poopy.

4. “OUTSIDE!” Hyrum LOVES to be outside. I don’t blame him! He loves to go on “balks,” and play at the park. He’s also happy just playing with the gravel in the driveway. I have to keep the door locked or he will let himself out.

(Yes, socks on the hands--and that is the window scraper--he was using it to rake the grass)
5. I think Hyrum’s absolute favorite thing in the world is riding Big Daddy’s motorcycle. He will do anything for a “moto cycle” ride, but all he has to do is bring Big Daddy the keys and say please.

6. “Otch a Show” He loves to watch movies. He and Ammon are always watching shows together. I don’t mind too much because he eats his food a lot better if he’s watching a show.

7. Hyrum is smart. We got a Leap Frog letter toy from my sister and we bought the leapfrog “Letter Factory” movie. (Which we thought was crazy boring, but Hyrum loves it) All of a sudden he can identify at least half his letters! He also knows his colors and shapes and some numbers.
When we took him in for his two year checkup the doctor asked us if he could button a large button. We didn’t really know because we don’t have many large buttons around the house. We thought maybe she should have asked if he could change the DVD and start it…(or if he could start the dish washer, or washing machine). He is a very curious little boy.

8. I could say so much more! He is always smiling. On his blessing day (about 2 months old) he was smiling so much that my brother said,
“You know Hryum, not everything’s a joke!”
I’ll conclude with this: I’ll always love to hear Hyrum’s sweet little voice in prayer. He is an amazing kid, and when I hear him pray I feel a glimpse of the love that Heavenly Father has for him. Priceless.
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Disney Awareness

We are so excited to go to Disneyland this summer. Ammon went to Disneyland for the first time just a few years ago.

He LOVED it! It's a lot of fun to go with him because he is so excited to be there.

I was really surprised; I didn't have him pegged as a Disney fanatic. It really is a magical place; it's amazing how everything is "in character" all the time.

Ammon has what he calls "Disney Flashbacks" everyday.

He'll say, "Today we sat at the little outside diner on main street and ate ice cream," or "Today we rode Soarin' over California and smelt the orange trees," or "Today we rode Splash Mountain, and watched the fireworks as we went down the big drop."
So in preparation for our summer vacation, we are having Disney Awareness Nights. We go over the characters we will see and the rides we will ride. Hyrum is going to be so ready.

Next time you see Hyrum ask him when we are going to Disneyland... he says, "in JUNE!"

Just a story...

Last year, I spent a lot of time fixing up our Lehi house. I did a lot of the painting myself, because Ammon was so busy. Of course, the projects are always bigger and take longer than you anticipate. I started by scraping off all the filthy silicone on the baseboards...patched the walls...and then I taped EVERYTHING for painting...and then I painted the walls...then I painted the walls again...and then I touched up the walls...and then I re-taped...and painted the baseboards...and repainted the baseboards. We also took all the doors off and painted them several times (way more work than you would think). Anyway, in the process of this project, my kitchen became more and more messy. I finally finished all the painting but still had all the tape to remove, silicone to throw away, brushes to clean...and just a general thorough cleaning!

It was a Saturday night and we went over to Ammon's mom's house to spend time with visiting family. I mentioned to Ammon that I wanted to leave a little early so I could get the kitchen cleaned up for Sunday. His mom and his brother, Alex, and his sister, Teresa, and her husband asked if they could come help me. I didn't want to make them help me, but I was SO overwhelmed by all the cleaning I still needed to do that I said OK! And so, Ammon's siblings who had come to visit family for the weekend spent that Saturday evening cleaning my house. They were so sweet; I suggested that we just do the mandatory work, and I would clean up the rest later...but no, they vacuumed, and scrubbed, and even mopped!

It only took an hour, and I was SO relieved. It was so nice to wake up Sunday morning to a clean house. Thank you again to Colleen, Alex, Brian, and Teresa. You made my day;
I'm still thinking about it.

Just Playing...

The other day we came outside to Hyrum playing like this:

He has socks on his hands and he is raking the grass with the windshield scraper. It is fun to see his imagination

Mid-life Crisis?

Am I crazy? What do you think?

Scratch That

News goes that my sister Nattalie is also pregnant! That's 3 for the Bezzants this year!