Thanks Grandma Hatch!

Audrey in her new outfit from Grandma Hatch.

I did it!

Now that Audrey is 2 months old, she is due for her first set of immunizations. I have always made Ammon hold Hyrum for his shots. I don't even go into the room. But today I gritted my teeth and took my responsibility as a parent. I took Audrey to the Health Department and held her on my lap as she got three shots in her little legs.
I did close my eyes.
Of course she cried a lot. (Thankfully not as much as Hyrum--he broke several blood vessels in his face because he cried so hard after getting his 2 month shots.)
Sometimes being a parent really isn't fun at all.

2 months old today.

Life is good

Today is our 4 year anniversary. We had a wonderful weekend to celebrate.

On Friday, we drove our little family to Logan. We thoroughly enjoyed a very yummy dinner with Melissa and Nate with chocolate cookies for dessert. My only weekend regret was that we weren't able to stay longer. (...and that we lost Alex and Laura's desk on the freeway.)

After dropping our kids off with Alex and Laura (who so kindly offered to watch them through the night) and stopping by Smiths for some evening snacks, we checked into a bed and breakfast. It was nice, and very clean--which is the most important factor in assessing accomodations.

On Saturday, we spent the morning in the Logan temple. Then, we were able to spend some more time with Alex and Laura- who so conveniently live directly across the street from the temple. (In fact, all of our Logan activities were contained in just 2 blocks!) We like Alex and Laura; we had no reservations in leaving our children with them. Ammon and I discussed how we admire their open sincerity, among other admirable traits.

The timing was perfect. We left Logan around 4:00 and made it to my parents house just in time for a big Thanksgiving style dinner and a vacation meeting with all my siblings.

Family togetherness...that's what I'm all about.

Like someone I love says, "weekend trips win."
Life is good.

If only cooking were based on effort

On Wednesdays Ammon has classes until 7:00pm. Yesterday (Wednesday) I forgot to send him with a lunch. I realized this around 1:00pm and decided I would make a yummy dinner for him to make up for it. I planned ahead, found a recipe in which I could use the leftover roast and made sure we had all ingredients. My day was going swimmingly well. I got all the laundry folded and put away...Hyrum and Audrey both got good naps...I cleaned the house...did the dishes...Played Legos with Hyrum. At 4:00pm I was finished with all that I had planned to do in the day so we went to my favorite get-away-place: Big Momma's House. Going to my mom's is always a slippery slope. I get lured in by the gas fireplace, the semi-childcare, adult conversation, and the chocolate. Basically, it's difficult to leave. But I had planned to make dinner for Ammon--so before I left I promised I would leave at 6:00pm.

Big Momma's house was as comforting as ever. After a little American Idol, snacks, and Big Daddy repeatedly throwing Hyrum into the Luv Sac it was 6:00. It took a bit of self control but I did it! I left! (I actually left around 6:30, but I still think that counts.) Ammon would be home in 30 minutes and I had a lot to do. I turned on a movie for Hyrum and got started.

Put meat in pan, used bouillon cubes for first time, used cornstarch for the first time. Noticed Hyrum with a sauce pan, chocolate chips, and the salt can heading for the living room--helped him pour some salt and chocolate into the pan and even gave him a spoon to stir his creation and removed the salt from his reach (thank goodness I intervened, that could have made a real mess.) Call Ammon back, trying to enjoy the conversation, stirring the gravy, baby starts to cry. Noticed Hyrum get the bar of baking chocolate from the pantry--figured he couldn't make too much of a mess. Stir the gravy. Tell Ammon I'll have to wait to talk until he gets home. Made funeral potatoes for the second time, using leftover baked potatoes-Baby starts to cry-not sure how to measure a pint of sour cream when it didn't come in a pint container.,trying to rock baby in car seat while grating potato..stir the still crying...preheat the oven...don't have time to mix cornflakes with butter. Hyrum comes in gagging and coughing-he has a spoonful of white powder in his mouth. Hesitate for a second and then (remembering what we did last time he ate flour) flushed his mouth with water. Stir the gravy. See the cornstarch spilled all over living room rug and realized I must have missed him snatching that. Stir gravy while watching Hyrum attempt to clean up the mess by rubbing it into the carpet with a still crying.

At this point, Ammon walks in the door, his usual cheerful self, "Well this looks fun." He takes the baby while I finish the potatoes and put them in the oven. I take the baby and feed her while he makes minute rice and begins to clean up kitchen (which at this point is a glorious mess). Meanwhile, Hyrum pushing at our legs trying to get some attention.

Okay, Deep Breath, baby fed, rice cooked, potatoes beeping. Now we should all sit down to a nice family dinner, right?

Potatoes don't look right.
Hyrum won't eat off his plate but wants to eat off mine or daddy's and insists on sitting on the table instead of his chair. Ammon trying to share his thoughts on the book he's reading. Potatoes don't taste like his mom's (he didn't say that of course, I just know what they are supposed to taste like) maybe the potatoes were over cooked or maybe too much sour cream. Meat has weird little cooked cornstarch balls in it- I really don't have a clue how to cook with cornstarch. Ammon eats it and things calm down for a minute...then Ammon gets up from the table and goes to the kitchen sink as if he is going to throw up (Apparently, he got a really "meaty" piece of meat that triggered the gag reflex). At about this time, Hyrum, who is now playing under the table (after I have asked him repeatedly to stop) falls and hits his head. Hyrum screaming, I pick him up--Ammon thinks I am going to lose my patience and offers to take him. I breathe deep and hold Hyrum close, and then tell him again that we don't play under the table. Hyrum calms down and Ammon takes him downstairs to play.

This is the point. My head is in my hands and I am feeling totally spent and I feel the tears welling up in my eyes. And then, the most amazing thing happened...I started to laugh! Things had gone very wrong, and so what! This was a little out of character for me, usually I would have been upset and probably a little angry (sad but nevertheless, true).

I went downstairs and expressed my sentiment that effort didn't always bring quality results. We laughed together, he sincerely thanked me for my effort. We put the kids to bed, and then cleaned up the kitchen together; the start of a great evening together.

Things could have turned out very differently had I not been blessed with a little sense of humour at that crucial moment. I happily accept this new reaction and hope to make it more characteristic of me.

Blessing Day

We blessed Audrey on January 6th, 2008. Her dad blessed her, and she received a beautiful blessing. She was blessed with the ability to recognize evil and to avoid it. She was also blessed with great social strengths which would allow her to be a strong example to her friends.

She did not enjoy getting ready. She cried all morning. I wasn't able to get a good picture of her in her dress. Thankfully, she fell asleep on the way to church, and slept through her blessing.

Hyrum in his new suit. What a stud!

It was a wonderful day; thanks to all who came to support us.