I did it!

Now that Audrey is 2 months old, she is due for her first set of immunizations. I have always made Ammon hold Hyrum for his shots. I don't even go into the room. But today I gritted my teeth and took my responsibility as a parent. I took Audrey to the Health Department and held her on my lap as she got three shots in her little legs.
I did close my eyes.
Of course she cried a lot. (Thankfully not as much as Hyrum--he broke several blood vessels in his face because he cried so hard after getting his 2 month shots.)
Sometimes being a parent really isn't fun at all.


Melissa said...

i remember getting shots in my legs for kindergarten and i lay on the couch all day afterward. it made me sick? or just sore? i don't remember, but someone had to carry me. how sad. who invented shots, anyway? why not just sit the kids in a room full of inoculating gasses or something?

Carrie said...

Good job! It was hard for me at first, but honestly neither of my kids really cried much. A few whimpers and then they were fine. Hopefully Audrey will be like that. The worst thing was when we accidentally walked in when Banks was getting circumcised. Holy smokes. I had to leave for that one and I have a pretty strong stomach. It really made me wonder why it is still the socially acceptable thing (here anyway) because it is seriously barbarian. Too late now.

Dave&Aim said...

It is so hard to watch our babies cry! Dawson wasn't circumcised until he was 3 weeks old because of some blood testing and just getting him dressed to go to the doctors office brought me to tears. When we got there I wasn't sure if I would stay in the room with Dave but they thought that it would be comforting if I held his hand. While they were doing it he looked over at me and had little tears running down his checks. Somehow I was able to be strong and just smile at him and tell him it would be okay. No tears from me at the doctors office :) After that shots have been quite easy. The more you do it the easier it will become!

Michelle & Cole said...

I don't think I'll be as strong as you guys when I have kids. I felt tears coming to my eyes just reading about your stories. I think I'll be crying right along with my kids. Guess I'll have to toughen up!

Jen said...

Good job Abby! I really don't know how i'll be able to do it when i'm a mom! I'll just call you to get some courage.

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