Wet hands...

I've learned not to touch Hyrum with wet hands, or at least warn him and ask if it is okay.

I didn't think anything of using mid-task wet hands to help him tie his cape or give him a hug, or tickle him, or zip his jacket. (Turns out I have wet hands about half the day amidst my routine diaper changing/cleaning/cooking.)

He notices immediately, arches his body away and cringes, "Mom, your hands are wet!"
Sometimes he sees what I am doing and will point and question, "Are your hands wet?"

High Fives are always preceded by a wet-hand check.
"Gimme Five!"
He holds his hand up while asking in an assuming manner, "Is your hand wet?"
"No, it isn't, I just dried it"
"Are you sure?"
"OK, followed by a cautious High Five."

He doesn't mind bathing. It's only after the drying off and dressing that the water phobia kicks in. If he spills water on himself, we need to take some deep breaths, and remember that water will dry. Usually this is followed by an immediate change of clothing.

I have to take a deep breath when after washing his hands he insists on drying them for literally a full minute. He can't reach the towel hanger so I wait for him to finish so I can hang it back up, or let him put it on the counter, or quite often, the floor.

That 's not the only thing.
Recently Hyrum has been covering his nose when he gets close to me. I was afraid he was going to tell me I had stinky breath, but no, "I don't like the smell of your hands." It's the soap.
He can smell it a mile away.
He is polite about it, saying things like, "I need to leave; I don't like the smell of your hands." "Could you please move away from me; I can't eat with that smell by me."

This week Hyrum had an accident in the bathroom, followed by a full bath. I knew it was time to do something about the "soap-smell issue" when he said, "Mom, I like having accidents, because then I don't have to wash my hands." The child would rather wet his pants and bathe then use the bathroom soap! He's also been using his feet for tasks that may get his hands dirty. Goodbye Costco soap re-fill, looks like we're going to have to find something with a more appealing smell.

Where did he learn this? Not from me...I don't have a problem with soap smell.

.....I do have a problem with smelly glass. Sometimes glass stinks, wet glass. I haven't figured it out, but I think it has to do with the rag that wiped the glass table, or maybe the substance that was wiped off (milk, seems to leave a stink behind). Sometimes a good Windex-ing doesn't even clear up the wet-dog-like smell. I check all glass cups for "the smell" before I use them, and sometimes the table stinks so bad I can't sit at it, let alone eat at it. Does anyone else know what I am talking about?

Oh and I don't like being breathed on. I try not to bother Ammon with this one, and try to adjust my sleeping positions according to his, but I'm 8 months pregnant and I just have to lay how I can to get some sleep. He knows that if I need to roll over, so does he. What a kind husband.

Perhaps I could be more accommodating for my son.