Christmas Morning
Hyrum's favorite toy. After he opened his "Miderman mowercycle" he wasn't interested in opening any more presents. Notice the keys in the ignition.

Harris Family Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

Audrey's first Sunday. I may have gone a little overboard with the outfit.

Fun with some of our Hatch cousins. We had a lot of family come for the holidays and for Alex and Laura's wedding. Hyrum loved having so many friends and is sad to see them leave.

A little Chrismas kindness

We splurged and got a LIVE Christmas tree this year. It was beautiful....until it died. We thought it might still last until Christmas, but we noticed it was turning brown on Sunday.

Thankfully, Ammon was humble enough to go tell the tree man we killed our tree, and ask if he would give us a discount on a second tree.

The tree man said, "I'll tell you what, bring back your tree and read these directions on caring for a tree, and I will give you a new one for free."

So today we are enjoying a fresh (not quite as beautiful as the first, but still good) Christmas tree.

Aren't we lucky, this year we get to trim the tree twice!

And a little advertisement for the kind tree man: J and T trees; State Street in American Fork

Three Weeks

Audrey Elise Hatch

Three weeks old today

All dressed up

Almost a smile!

Hyrum got all dressed up to go help daddy shovel the drive way. He was playing with the mini snow shovel at Auto Zone the other day and a random lady bought it for him. She said she couldn't resist. Thank you to her. He has a great time using it.


Audrey Elise Hatch was born on Thanksgiving Day, November 22nd. (Yes, we did end up giving her a middle name.) She was 8lbs 13 oz, and 18 inches long. She has lots of dark hair and a beautiful olive skin color. When the pediatrician examined her at the hospital he discovered she has a broken collar bone. Of course, I cried for a day when I found out. Thankfully, it doesn't seem to bother her too much. She has kept me busy with her usual newborn duties: sleeping, eating, and filling her diaper. I easily change 10-15 diapers a day!

Today she is 18 days old. It doesn't seem like I have already survived 17 sleepless nights....only..however many... more to go! I don't necessarily see an end, but I know there will be. She can't wake up every two hours for forever. Now it sounds like I am complaining--so I'll be clear: I love being Audrey's mom. I love that I get to spend all day with her. I cherish this infant stage, because I know I will look back on it as a sweet time in my life.

Hyrum is excited to be a big brother. He likes to touch baby's hair and point out her eyes and nose and ears (with exceptional tenderness I might add). Currently Hyrum is enjoying his chocolate advent calender from Big Daddy and Big Momma. I think this is the first year I haven't had one for myself.

You have to grow up sometime.

Hyrum's words

I wrote in my journal last Sunday. I tried to write down all the words Hyrum says. Of course since then, I have realized that I left off several words! Like every time he hears a dog bark, he says, "Cheif, NO!" I think I even left off his adorable, "Please," and "Thank you"s.

My most recent favorite thing about my son is this: He is serious about his privacy. Often times when he is playing (especially when he is playing with something he knows he shouldn't) he will not allow me in the room. He pushes on my legs while saying, "No," "Go." and then he'll wave and in the sweetest voice say, "Bye Bye." Sometimes he'll even push me toward the couch, have me sit down, and tell me to, "Otch a show."

We often have him sit down and watch a show when we want to distract him. He's a smart kid.

5 am

It's 5 am and I have been awake for a while. Seeing as I can't sleep, I decided to create a family blog. I am currently in my 33rd week of pregnancy, which means getting up to use the bathroom at least twice in the night...and sadly, the most comfortable way to sleep is sitting up. I have 6-8 more weeks of this. I try to remind myself that when this baby is born I won't get any sleep and should enjoy all the sleep I can get.

We have finally decided on a name for our baby girl. Her name will be Audrey. No middle name, just Audrey Hatch. I must admit it is slightly Audrey Hepburn inspired.

Hyrum recognizes babies and points them out to me. I hope he will enjoy his baby sister.