A little Chrismas kindness

We splurged and got a LIVE Christmas tree this year. It was beautiful....until it died. We thought it might still last until Christmas, but we noticed it was turning brown on Sunday.

Thankfully, Ammon was humble enough to go tell the tree man we killed our tree, and ask if he would give us a discount on a second tree.

The tree man said, "I'll tell you what, bring back your tree and read these directions on caring for a tree, and I will give you a new one for free."

So today we are enjoying a fresh (not quite as beautiful as the first, but still good) Christmas tree.

Aren't we lucky, this year we get to trim the tree twice!

And a little advertisement for the kind tree man: J and T trees; State Street in American Fork


Melissa said...

that's really nice. i feel really good about it.

Carrie said...

That's the Christmas spirit we so rarely see! Yaaaaaay for the Christmas tree man!

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