A goal met!

Today I have met a goal.

Today marks 40 days without sweetener.

The goal was originally choosing to remove refined sugar, but after the mass exploitation of honey I experienced, I decided to remove any and all sweeteners. Fruit only. It would have been better if I would have limited it to "whole fruit," because I still went overboard on the 100% juice sweetened jam.

I'm proud of myself! How to celebrate? I only know how to celebrate with food! :)

Most poeple think that going without sugar will mean weight loss; I admit, I was hopeful, myself.

I have proven an experiment in the last six months plus of sugar limiting. I used to over-eat sugar. Now I over-eat wholesome, nutritious foods. Many yummy things, but usually BREAD (with a slather of jam.) Anyone looking to GAIN weight? I've got the perfect solution! Cut out sugar and bring on the carbs! It actually makes perfect sense.

The best benefit of being without sugar is my mood. I am a much happier person when I choose not to eat it. Ironic, since I used to think chocolate made me happy. I can cope with daily stress with more dignity, which I always need.

I'm not skinnier, but I can cope with my chubby self with a little more joy.