The world doesn't revolve around me?

I am trying to learn how to fast happily. I've been fasting for many years, but it hasn't become much easier.
I love food!
When I start feeling deprived, sometimes I remind myself that many people all over the world are hungry, and I should be grateful that I actually have food for my family. I have never experienced real hunger. I have always been able to offer food for my children.

In the same line of thought, when I kneel to pray at the end of the day, I remember that somewhere someone had a tragic day. Just one day, and life changes. I remember that I really am grateful for the health and safety today of my family. I pray for all those that have lost loved ones today, and realize my day wasn't so bad.

I had this conversation with Ammon yesterday, I asked him how many people he though died in one day all over the world. He found this website. Awesome for getting a broader perspective.

I was inspired with the rest of the world by a one-tragic-day-surviver, Nie Nie ,on Oprah. Talk about a broad perspective.