The Laundry Thief

A worm craft and poem

I have a pet named Willy
Who lives at home with me.
I keep him in this special cup
So all my friends can see.

Where, oh, where is Willy?
Oh, where can Willy be?
Come out now, little Willy,
So all my friends can see.

He is a little timid.
I must be very firm.
Come out now, little Willy!
Come out, my Willy Worm!

Jean Warren

Brought to you by the letter "W"

Wiggly Worms. A good spring topic. On Tuesday, in-between rain showers, we went exploring. We found our first specimen on the driveway. It was a slug. Gross. We found our first worm nearby. We helped it back into the grass, so it wouldn't dry up like all it's friends. We took turns holding it, and then we observed it as it tunneled back into the earth. (We re-located the slug as well--but we used a stick. ) We walked around following Audrey's lead and ended up at the highschool. We joined a group of kids playing in the sandbox/long-jump pit. When the wind picked up we headed back home to dig up worms in our garden. We found lots. Hyrum was concerned I would hurt the worms with the shovel. He was really upset about Audrey handling the worms, with good reason. She wanted to see if the worm really could live after being split in two. I thought it best not to point out that phenomenon to Hyrum.
We even pulled out a worm that had tied itself into a knot. We collected a generous sample of soil and worms, which now sits on the kitchen mantle.
We have some library supplementation.
Diary of a Worm by Doreen Cronin
Inch by Inch by Leo Lionni
The City Worm and the Country Worm by Linda Hayward (Sesame Street)
Along with a selection of Junior Non-Fiction including:
Wonderful Worms by Linda Glaser
Now I just have to think of some worm crafts.
Feel free to share any ideas!


Happy Easter!

I love the artwork in the Ensign this month.

My favorite is this one by Dan Burr: The emotion in Peter's face invokes feeling in me I just can't verbalize. I also like the urgency. The gospel of Jesus Christ is urgent.HE LIVES!

There is one day or more in almost every nation that is set apart for the observance of the anniversary of some great event—an occasion for national pride, a day of remembrance, of thanksgiving, of celebration. It may be the birthday of a nation or of a patriot, the anniversary of a great victory or triumph of a great cause. It is fitting and proper that we should have such days. …
There are some days which have almost worldwide observance and are significant in every country. There are times of merrymaking, celebrated with parades, public gatherings, games and contests, oratory, feasts, and fireworks.
But at this season of the year, the whole Christian world unites in the quiet observance of the anniversary of the most significant, the most far-reaching, the most important fact in history. Easter is the anniversary of the resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth. …
The interest in this event is more universal than in any other: first, because it affects every soul, living and dead; and secondly, because it secures the priceless gift for which men naturally yearn—life everlasting. Each year multitudes come to appreciate anew its import when they stand sorrowing by the coffin of a dear one and remember the glorious promise contained in the words spoken on Easter morn—“He is risen!”
The first Easter was the springtime of all history, of new life, new hope, eternal growth, and immortality.
The world needs reminding of this great event. In the midst of error and superstition, … His plan, His system, His gospel, is the answer to the problem of how to save the world.
With Christians everywhere, we bow this day in humble gratitude for the priceless gift of God to men. The gift of eternal life is granted to us through His sacrifice and guaranteed to all by the only One who could pay the price. …
In spite of the unpromising outlook of the world today and the efforts of the enemies of righteousness, … Easter morn proclaims its joyful promise to all. …
Hugh B. Brown

We celebrated with lillies.

"Did Jesus really live again? Oh Yes! and so shall I."

Grocery Store Conversation

"Mom, we can get some treats?"
Sorry, not today.

"Look, yogurt just my size! (Gogurt) We can get some?....Not today,mom?"
No, not today.

"Mom! My want these cookies."
No, Hyrum.

Then an exasperated, "YOU ARE KIDDING ME?!"
(Said with the same intonation as Are you kidding me, but with the first two words swapped. It's the cutest thing.)

I had to stop and laugh and say, "Am I kidding you?!"