Strength in Numbers Experiment

I have an experiment for any and all American Fork Gold's Gym pass holders. At the gym they have ads for different businesses hanging from the TV monitors. Today I noticed one for PC Laptops that advertised "Breathtaking Graphics," with a graphic of a woman with a near bare chest. I think the ad is inappropriate and offensive.
I went to the front desk and said that I had a comment. I said that I really appreciated that Gold's Gym took the initiative to only display modestly dressed men and women in their posters. I expressed concern that this ad did not meet those same standards.
The girl at the front desk apologized and said she would make a note of my comment.
So, if any one else finds the ad offensive, I challenge you to tell the person at the front desk...and I'll be watching to see if they do anything about it. (You could also call or e-mail.)
This is kind of like a fun game for me.

It's going around

4 Things I Did 10 Years Ago (1998)
1- I was taking Algebra II with Mr. Zobel
2- I had a fun halloween party: riding in the back of a box truck, scavenger hunting. We played, "Baby, I Love You but I Just Can't Smile," and Stephanie had been sick and had a REALLY low voice. Good times.
3- I got my braces off
4- This was the only year I was on the track team. I liked the relay race best.

4 Things I Did 5 Years Ago (2003)
1- I finished up my freshman year of college at BYU. I lived at the rat-infested Glenwood with Melissa, Morgan and Tiffany- The original Teen Girl Squad.
2- We rang in the New Year in Disneyland. Melissa and I drove all the way to California. We went Hot Tub hopping somewhere in Nevada.
3- I read The Divine Secrets of Ya Ya Sisterhood for the first time.
4- Ammon came home from his mission in October and we were officially engaged before Thanksgiving.

4 Things I Did Yesterday
1- We went out on the boat!
2- I took Hyrum out on the tube for his first time. We went really slow so we wouldn't fall off, but then I nosed dived the tube while trying to readjust my weight. We had to bail. Hyrum was a little scared. He says it was fun; we'll see if he will try it again!
3- Costco hot dogs for dinner...for $1.50 it can't be beat!
4- I started a sewing project. The goal is to make this "gift" for all the new babies coming. I have at least 10 to make...the list keeps growing!

4 Shows I Love to Watch
(Not much of a show watcher, so I will substitute Movies for this one.)
1- Count of Monte Cristo
2- What a Girl Wants
3- Yours, Mine, and Ours (the old one)
4- (I used to be a Gilmore Girls watcher)

4 Things I Love to Do
1- Watching a movie with Ammon after the kids are asleep
2- Playing Hide and Seek with Hyrum
3- Holding sleeping babies
4- Cruising in the front bow of the boat or on the back of the motorcycle.

Audrey Took One for the Team

Theme Parks with small children:

Quick showers with mom or dad instead of baths.

Hyrum had an eczema outbreak on his belly. He had a big sore that we finally treated a day before we came home. Audrey's neck rolls got chaffed and sore.

She also got a little sunburn on the first day, so the next days we re-applied sunscreen every couple of hours. Kudos to us for actually being able to do that!

Bedtime after 9pm instead of at 7pm...never a full nights sleep. Hyrum was usually on the verge of a melt down.

Disrupted naps when possible in the stroller, forget the usual two hour naps.

Diaper changes here and there. Both babies had diaper rash.

There was a lot of driving, and a lot of crying.

Lots of playing with cousins: fun but dangerous. Hyrum's the little guy, and he got pushed around a bit.

All of this must have worn down their immune systems because Audrey came home with a cold and Hyrum has a cough.

Not to mention that Audrey cut her first two teeth while we were gone.(And started saying Da Da!)

Sometimes we wondered if it was worth it.
At least, The Baby Center in Disneyland was as wonderful as everyone says and was a real lifesaver.

Hyrum loved the shows and parades. It was so fun to see him get so excited when he saw the Incredibles, or Mater and Lightning. He liked the rides too, but I think he would have had just as much fun at a carnival. He loved the animals at Sea World. He really liked the ice cream too. I hope his magical moments outweighed the bad.

I was stressed out a lot of the time, worrying about sleeping, teething, changing, feeding. But I had a few moments that made it all worth it for me. 1) Walking into Disneyland as the gates first open, with the music, and the fun...I started to cry! 2) I'm not even a Star Wars fan, but one of my favorite things was the Jedi Training. It was so much fun! Really magical! Again, I almost started to cry when the Jedi Knights walked out to their famous music. 3) Ammon and I were able to have lunch by ourselves at the Blue Bayou, the restaurant on the Pirates ride. It was very yummy and nice and I had the best company! 4) The Jurassic Park ride can't be beat.

Of course Ammon thought it was worth it.

Audrey's needs were somewhat neglected; and although she liked the Electrical Parade, I think she would have preferred to be at home with an attentive mommy. Thanks Audrey, for taking one for the team. We'll try to make it up to you!

Family Vacation 2008