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4 Things I Did 10 Years Ago (1998)
1- I was taking Algebra II with Mr. Zobel
2- I had a fun halloween party: riding in the back of a box truck, scavenger hunting. We played, "Baby, I Love You but I Just Can't Smile," and Stephanie had been sick and had a REALLY low voice. Good times.
3- I got my braces off
4- This was the only year I was on the track team. I liked the relay race best.

4 Things I Did 5 Years Ago (2003)
1- I finished up my freshman year of college at BYU. I lived at the rat-infested Glenwood with Melissa, Morgan and Tiffany- The original Teen Girl Squad.
2- We rang in the New Year in Disneyland. Melissa and I drove all the way to California. We went Hot Tub hopping somewhere in Nevada.
3- I read The Divine Secrets of Ya Ya Sisterhood for the first time.
4- Ammon came home from his mission in October and we were officially engaged before Thanksgiving.

4 Things I Did Yesterday
1- We went out on the boat!
2- I took Hyrum out on the tube for his first time. We went really slow so we wouldn't fall off, but then I nosed dived the tube while trying to readjust my weight. We had to bail. Hyrum was a little scared. He says it was fun; we'll see if he will try it again!
3- Costco hot dogs for dinner...for $1.50 it can't be beat!
4- I started a sewing project. The goal is to make this "gift" for all the new babies coming. I have at least 10 to make...the list keeps growing!

4 Shows I Love to Watch
(Not much of a show watcher, so I will substitute Movies for this one.)
1- Count of Monte Cristo
2- What a Girl Wants
3- Yours, Mine, and Ours (the old one)
4- (I used to be a Gilmore Girls watcher)

4 Things I Love to Do
1- Watching a movie with Ammon after the kids are asleep
2- Playing Hide and Seek with Hyrum
3- Holding sleeping babies
4- Cruising in the front bow of the boat or on the back of the motorcycle.


The Pooles said...

Well, I know the year wasn't the same, but I too had Mr. Zobel, what a crazy guy. I probably read Sister's of the YaYa Sisterhood around the same time that you did. I also liked to watch Gilmore Girls. So, it looks like we shared some things in common. Thanks for sharing.

Megan said...

I will nevery forget your Halloween Party. So much fun! :) I'm jealous of the boat ride. Funny that Hyrum got dumped on the tube. We dumped Coleman off the jet ski last summer. He still won't get on one!

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