Strength in Numbers Experiment

I have an experiment for any and all American Fork Gold's Gym pass holders. At the gym they have ads for different businesses hanging from the TV monitors. Today I noticed one for PC Laptops that advertised "Breathtaking Graphics," with a graphic of a woman with a near bare chest. I think the ad is inappropriate and offensive.
I went to the front desk and said that I had a comment. I said that I really appreciated that Gold's Gym took the initiative to only display modestly dressed men and women in their posters. I expressed concern that this ad did not meet those same standards.
The girl at the front desk apologized and said she would make a note of my comment.
So, if any one else finds the ad offensive, I challenge you to tell the person at the front desk...and I'll be watching to see if they do anything about it. (You could also call or e-mail.)
This is kind of like a fun game for me.


Melissa said...

awesome, ab. let's see if one really can make a difference. you go.

Carrie said...

This is unrelated to your post but I just wanted to say, "HAAAAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!" yay. I hope you really have a lovely you day. Loves from us in New Mexico.

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