About me:

My name is Abigail Hatch but only my mom and my sister (who thinks she’s my mom) use my full name. I never liked it as a child because I thought Abigail was an old-lady name— it was the name of the cow on Fox and the Hound and the goose on Aristocats, but now I wish I could be Abigail. So please, call me Abigail!

I’m the middle child in a big family in a smallish town. I grew up playing in the creek and walking down main street. My dad was the publisher of the local newspaper and I loved spending time at his office. I listened to random cassette tapes of Bette Midler and Footloose as I did my paper route early Wednesday mornings.

I met my husband on a boating trip to Utah Lake when I was 15, and we’ve been bosom-buddies ever
since. We bought a big, battered and neglected old home that we are slowly improving. Well, my husband
does most the work and I enjoy watching him! Our 10 year anniversary is coming right up! We have four
amazing children that get us out of bed every morning.

I graduated from BYU with a BSA in Social Work. I loved doing my internships as an adoption worker. I hope to go back to school someday soon. After I got high school and college out of my system,
I discovered I actually loved reading, and haven’t been able to get enough! I also love to write; it is
necessary for my sanity as it helps me see things honestly.

These days I’m busy trying my hand at mothering/homeschooling and homemaking. It’s a good day when we get the laundry folded and even better when it actually gets put away!