Disney Awareness

We are so excited to go to Disneyland this summer. Ammon went to Disneyland for the first time just a few years ago.

He LOVED it! It's a lot of fun to go with him because he is so excited to be there.

I was really surprised; I didn't have him pegged as a Disney fanatic. It really is a magical place; it's amazing how everything is "in character" all the time.

Ammon has what he calls "Disney Flashbacks" everyday.

He'll say, "Today we sat at the little outside diner on main street and ate ice cream," or "Today we rode Soarin' over California and smelt the orange trees," or "Today we rode Splash Mountain, and watched the fireworks as we went down the big drop."
So in preparation for our summer vacation, we are having Disney Awareness Nights. We go over the characters we will see and the rides we will ride. Hyrum is going to be so ready.

Next time you see Hyrum ask him when we are going to Disneyland... he says, "in JUNE!"


Andrew Hatch said...

We are excited to see you when you come and look forward to doing some of those fun things with you!

Hatch Family said...

Andrew and Melissa:
We are totally jealous of how close you live to Disneyland! Although, if Ammon lived that close--he would never get any work done!

AaronsherriHatch said...

too bad we weren't all going at the sane time. reading Ammon's flashbacks makes me more excited!!! Aaron has been also, he's the one planning our trip! I was so surprised!

Mel said...

I hope you post lots of stories and pictures from the vacation.

When I saw the Disney Vacation countdown, I had to giggle.

Are you taking Audrey with you?

Hatch Family said...

Yes, we are! We'll see how it goes!

Jobi Niu said...

Abby! How fun for your freakin adorable family! I'm jealous..

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