Daddy do it?

There have been times when I am doing something that is difficult, like trying to carry something too heavy or unscrew the lid on a pickle jar, when I say something like: "Wow, this is too hard; we'll have to have daddy do it."

Hyrum has picked up on this. And now if I struggle in the least bit with a task, he asks:
"Hard, Mom? Daddy do it?" He said this to me when it took me a couple attempts to zip up his jacket. He said this to me when I was struggling to get the lid on the Tupperware. He even said this to me when I used more than the usual amount of wipes when changing his diaper (then again that is a task I am willing to let daddy do.)

It bugs me. I say, "No, Hyrum. Mommy can do it. I can do hard things!" I've repeated this refrain to my toddler several times this week. I think it's having an effect on me. First, I realized how often I do ask Ammon for help. Second, the declaration, "I can do hard things," floating around in my head is empowering and reminds me of this excellent talk.

Like today when I sucked up three feet of string (attached to a balloon) into the vacuum, I didn't follow my initial reaction to ask Ammon to untangle it--I did it myself. That's not all. I dropped a small part of Audrey's sippy cup into the disposal, and I actually reached in and got it out myself!
Guess what else. I've made bread! Not just once, but four times and I even tried rolls. It isn't so hard...and I liked it....A Lot.

The moral of the story is: Toddlers can be an effective method toward self awareness. Thanks to Hyrum for seeing so clearly my tendency to have others do for me what I could easily do for myself. And thanks for the increased self-respect.


Andrew and Melissa said...

I think it is so funny that you posted this because I had the same thing happen to me with Carter. The funny thing was I realized I really could do most of the things myself. But I have to say husbands sure are great to have around!

Carrie said...

That was a great post. And what a good feeling to have.

I'm glad your bread turned out.

melissa said...

mmm, do you have a bread maker or do you just make it?

also i agree with the above carrie, this was a really good post.

colleen said...

I must say I am enjoying Abby's stretching out and trying new things...the fresh apple pie, whole wheat bread (she mills the flour too), white bread, "half and half" bread, the rolls...they were all yummy. Ammon even makes his pizza crust with half whole wheat flour now. I think it is great. I am always amazed by my children (and their spouses) not to mention the grandkids! Fun times.

Bezzant family said...

You are very inspiring Abby. I also immediately thought of that talk when you said "I can do hard things." I'm getting jealous of all your homemaking skills!

The Pooles said...

What great insight! I look forward to learning what kind of lessons I will learn from Isaiah when he gets a bit older. Thank you for sharing the post.

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