Siegfried's Deli in SLC
We went today.
The Germany lover had
Bratwurst, Sauer Kraut, and Spaetzle.
I had a Pastrami Reuben Sandwich on Rye.
It was authentic (YUMMY) German bistro food.
They have a little German market with lots of chocolate.
We left with marzipan, uberraschungs eier (Carrie, I think Benson would love these), and lebkuchen.
We like to scope out the European food market.
Any suggestions?


Carrie said...

Oh my gosh! Kinder eggs! I totally forgot about those and you are SO right! Guess what he's getting in his stocking now. You rock.

I don't have too many suggestions for the European food market, but we are a little obsessed with finding new and delicious cheeses.

melissa said...

i have been there and i have had the spaetzle, totally by accident, but wowee it was great. i don't know of any european markets, but i'm sure there is one...good help right? sorry.

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