Kefir anyone?

I bought kefir grains from this lady a month or so ago. I've been making kefir for our family (OK mostly me) since.
It grows, and I'm have more than I can eat.
Ammon considers these little guys "another mouth to feed," because of how much milk I have to give them to keep them alive.

I can't bring myself to just throw the excess away; people pay for this!

Anyone interested in boosting their family's nutrition is welcome to my kefir bounty!


mrs. peterson said...

i'm sure i could click the link and find out what kefir is, but WHAT IS KEFIR???

Kyle and Shanalee said...

I had to google it myself, but I'm interested in trying it. I just want a little bit though .... I'm too scared. :) How much moolah? Tell us honestly what it tastes like and how you eat it.

Bezzant family said...

I am actually trying homemade yogurt today, then maybe I can choke that down, I'll try kefir ;)

Abby said...

Kefir is like yogurt, but actually superior in nutritional value. It is easier to make than yogurt, which is why I chose it.

You can make it taste as sour or mild as you please by the amount of milk you use with it. Mine is pretty sour. It tastes kind of like carbonated is too sour to eat plain.

I eat it with granola and fresh fruit. I also blend it with bananas for a smoothie.

It can also be used in soaking/culturing grains; which I am learning how to do. It is so easy and pretty much doubles the nutritional value of your grains.

AaronsherriHatch said...

....carbonated buttermilk intresting

jess said...
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JesseStricklan said...

Abby, it's like I'm in Russia again! Kefir! Haha, thanks for the flashback! ^_^

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