"Happy Big Boy Day to you!"

On the morning of Tuesday, October 13:
Me: Hyrum, are you ready to be a big boy today?
Hyrum: Yeah.
Me: Big boys don't have binkies.
Hyrum: Cut it, mom?
Me: Yep, we'll have to cut it and throw it in the garbage. Are you ready?
Hyrum: Yeah.

Then Hyrum willingly cut all his binkies by himself. He threw them in the garbage and then while saying "Bye Bye Binkies," we took the garbage out to the dumpster. We immediately called Daddy and the grandparents so they could praise Hyrum in this big step.

We had a Big Boy Party to celebrate, complete with pizza, cake and a present.

Hyrum has done pretty well without it. Initially he cried more at nap time, and woke up more in the night. He's improving; I really think he will get better quality sleep without sucking on a binky all night.

So, YAHOO! We are finally free of the B-I-N-K-Y.


Hatch Family said...

good job hyrum!

melissa said...

wow, you are awesome, abby. sure it was hyrum's binky but i'm impressed with your mothering.

Ryan, Penny, and Madilyn said...

Wow Abby how old is Hyrum. We need to do the same thing and I am worried about when the baby comes. Madilyn is 2 now, but she still sleeps with it and uses it when she needs comforting tell me how you did it.

The Pooles said...

Congrats Hyrum! I like that you had a big boy party for him too. So much fun!

AaronsherriHatch said...

Abby I could learn a lot from you. I think you have a more patient way, I would have just thrown it away and been in for it! I like how he agreed with you. It also teaches him a little lesson of cause and effect. He cut them and they were gone for good! Way to go Hyrum!!

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