Fresh Ideas

Hyrum was in his room playing with his Play-Doh just the way his mommy taught him: you play with one color and then you put it away before you get out a new color. (For Play-Doh longevity and avoiding added participation in Play-Doh time, I chose to never suggest the idea of mixing colors, a decision every parent has to make for him/herself.)
But this particular day Hyrum found a fresh source of information: the forbidden Play-Doh owner's manual. He unfolded the pamphlet to reveal the novel material. After making himself comfortable, he seriously studied it.

I left him to his investigating for a time (thinking nothing of it, really), but when I came back Hyrum was thrilled to show me his work. His eyes were opened to a whole new world! Gone are the days of the clean, pure hues of Play-Doh.

Yes, that is every color we own.

I couldn't keep it from him forever.


The Pooles said...

That is too funny! He is such a smart little boy.

Andrew and Melissa said...

He looks so cute studying the owner's manual. What a smart kid.

Melissa said...

anything i say here will be redundant.

at least you know he won't be one of those dopes who doesn't know how to write a research paper in college.

colleen said...

I am constantly amazed by Hyrum's keen mind. Nothing gets past him!

Hatch Family said...

love it! what a cutie...!


Carrie said...

look at that face...he is positively beaming with pride.

haha so cute.

AaronsherriHatch said...

That is so cute what a kid! He IS very proud.

AaronsherriHatch said...

That is so cute what a kid! He IS very proud.

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