A Whole New World

It has begun...we have entered the world of "uncomfortable public commentary" from my two year old.

At Costco yesterday:
A black woman backed into us, as we were both looking at the frozen goods, we exchanged "excuse me" and continued on our way. Hyrum says, "Mom, you see that!? Black, mom, black!"

I'm just hoping Hyrum isn't as talented in this new area as his cousin Carter, who is known for these awkward jewels:
"Why is that guy so big, huge, fat?" (with emphasis)
"Look Dad, Jesus is in the hot tub!" (pointing to a long haired, half naked hippie, smoking in the hot tub)
"Mom, Buzz is up my butt." (referring to his Buzz Lightyear underwear)

My favorite is the time they were standing in a checkout line (correct me if I'm wrong Shanda)the man directly behind them was dressed in drag, Carter stared and pointed and asked, "Hey dad, Why is that daddy wearing makeup?" (What do you say to that?!)


Michelle & Cole said...

That is soooo funny. I don't know what you'd say as the parent though. It might be hard not to laugh.

Andrew and Melissa said...

Carter Bezzant has some pretty funny comments!
Yesterday I was loading up groceries in the store parking lot and a black women wearing a bandana came out of the store and Carter said "Look mommy, that man's a pirate!" Then of course Parker chimed in and started saying it too. At first I tried to pretend I didn't hear them, so they started yelling it loud enough for everyone to hear. By that time I was trying so hard not to laugh I couldn't really say anything.

Trent and Ellen said...

Abby! Nice background - I just changed ours a couple of days ago and picked the same one! I usually read blog entries from Google Reader, so I didn't realize you had this one too. Do you mind? I guess great minds just think alike, right?


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