Just Imagine it!

Picture of "Maiden all Forlorn" by Hyrum
Inspired by "The House that Jack Built"

I seem to be on a mission for my husband to gain full understanding of what is is like to be a stay-at-home mom.

I don't know why. It's not that I don't appreciate being at home. I choose it. The job is just much harder than I ever expected. 

I'm often coming up with new analogies that I think will give him insight into my days.

My latest idea was sprung from a conversation we had about why I am (too often) so snappy when he gets home from work.

While we both work all day in occasionally stressful environments- I want him to understand that there is one important major difference- a difference that might explain why I have "crazy eyes" at 5:00.

That difference lies in the behavior of our co-workers.

His co-workers, for the most part, follow the social norms relative to speaking, touching, respecting personal space, and hygiene that make for a pleasant work climate. Mine...don't.

Too illustrate this point, I wish could make a video of an office space in which co-workers acted like children. It would be HILARIOUS, people. Film just isn't one of my talents.

We  have only been imagining it and we are getting a kick out of it!

Seriously, this is a gem. Anyone out there want to make this a reality?

Picture it. It's sure to make you smile!


melissa said...

have you seen the video of a man acting out a normal conversation with his 2 year old daughter, except with another grown man? it's pretty funny.

The Pooles said...

I'm having fun picturing how that would look too. The link Melissa shared is a fun one. Here's another one that I found entertaining. http://youtu.be/qnydFmqHuVo

Julie DeMille said...

My husband claims his co-workers act like children, but they don't. Not really. Plus, he leaves them at work, ours follow us around-all day and night.

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