I had a memorable dream a few weeks ago.

In my dream I was walking with my children through a place reminiscent of Disneyland.
I noticed a little girl wandering alone in a darkened corner. She was crying. She was lost.

We stopped.

Instantly, I knew this little girl. The child was me. I felt her fear and sadness and my whole body smiled with compassion. I went to her.

I approached her carefully because she didn't know me. I knelt in front of her and spoke comforting words, telling her I was there to help. Eager for rescue, she hugged me tightly. I felt her relief.

I took her by the hand and led her, along with my children, to a little cafeteria-like restaurant. We were the only ones there. The children chose plates of food and joined together at a table as I paid for our meal. Standing at the register, I looked over at my contented crew with pleased fulfillment-- my child-self relaxing, smiling, listening to my daughter chatting on.

I put the credit card back in my wallet, grateful I had the resources to serve her, to nurture her.


melissa said...

i love that you had such a great dream, and that you remember it!

is it weird that i never ever dream about calvin? like, ever?

Abby said...

You didn't ever dream that your baby had teeth or was walking when they were tiny? I had dreams like that a lot...they were a little frightening!

But now that I think about it, I'd say my dreams rarely have my kids in them...they are mostly self-centered!

melissa said...

Oh you know what? I think once I had a dream that he had teeth when he was tiny! That was pretty terrifying.

Julie DeMille said...

That's a very profound dream. Mine lean toward the weird and 'in need of a psychiatrist'.

Melody said...

This is perfect. Thanks for sharing it.

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