Sometimes baby comments are like pregnancy comments....and should be kept to yourself.

The nurse at Audrey's 2 month appointment told me that my baby looked like a baby monkey.
I think she meant it as a compliment. :)


Jen said...

Oh my!! Some people really should just keep their thoughts to themselves. If it means anything...i don't think she looks like a monkey at all... way too cute for that!!

Mel said...

It must have been hard to keep your fist from punching her in the nose!

Audrey is the cutest baby (next to my own of course). She does not look like a monkey. More like a little princess!

When Anna was an infant, I used to call her "Toad", because she would sleep with her arms and legs tucked in, and would extend them really fast like a toad. It's one thing for a mommy and daddy to make comparisons, but when strangers do it, they deserve a zap with a cattle prod.

Melissa said...

1: my dad calls me flintstone feet
2: my dad thinks i looked like a turtle as a baby
3: someone told me i had elephant ears once
4: if you were any animal, you'd be a fox

Carrie said...

Banks has yet to be identified as a boy by a stranger (despite the overwhelmingly blue outfits) and the most frequent response when they are corrected: "Well he does look pretty girlie." Really, people, is that the best you can come up with after insulting a child? Our babies should get together one day over a cup of milk and dish about all the stupid people who insulted them.

Melissa said...

a cup of milk. ha ha ha ha

Tim & Chelsea Grubbs said...

ABBIE!!!!!!!!! wow it has been so long since i've talked to you!!!!! I ran into your blog and i cannot believe you have two children!!! They are DARLING!!!!!! and don't even come close to looking like monkeys......people are idiots.....How have you been?!?!

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