Grandma Hatch makes every grandchild a quilt. She puts so much work into them!

This is Audrey's.

Look at all that embroidery--every one is different! Thanks Grandma!

This one is from Shanda, my sister in law. It has all kinds of colors and textures.

Audrey is starting to play with it. She mostly likes to suck on it. Thank you Shanda!

This amazing quilt is from Emily, my other sister in law. She must have spent a lot of time on this.

Thank you Emily, it is Beautiful!

And finally, I want to thank my mom for all the many blankets she embroidered for me. This one is my favorite. Notice the little chicks hatching....and my last name is hatch...I think it's cute.


michelle said...

Wow those are amazing. I would love to learn to quilt like that. I totally disagree with the nurse. She doesn't look like a monkey at all and I can't believe she said that. I think she's adorable.

Jen said...

Those quilts are beautiful. I want to make a one sometime. Someday when i have time i will- that is if it ever comes.

Melissa said...

holy moly. nice display. it's like an art gallery. member how you made me a quilt once?

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