1. Read Book of Mormon
2. Read Jesus the Christ
3. Lose 15 lbs by my birthday

I needed incentive to lose the baby weight, so I asked Ammon if he would take me to The Blue Boar Inn if I acheive my goal. Of course he said yes.
I also made a poster. Posters always help.


Mel said...

Those are great goals. I hope you are successful.

My incentive to loose all the baby weight is Levi promised to buy me several pairs of designer jeans. Oh, I just love cute butt jeans!

Michelle & Cole said...

You're good. I haven't had a baby and swear I have baby weight to get rid of.

Jen said...

Nice goals...i haven't done well on my food one...eat better. Life has been a little crazy lately but i'm going to try and get better. Have you heard of the Pres. Hinckley Challange that some people are doing in honor of him? Its where you read the B of M in 97 days...i think it is like 9 or 10 pages a day. Pretty neat. I've always wanted to read Jesus the Christ. Its on my list of books i'm going to read once i graduate. I hope that you're going to buy something special to wear on your new bod when you get that Blue Boar Inn reward!

Melissa said...

yo, i bet he'll take you there anyway.

i can totally see you making this poster.

Melissa said...

darn, i forgot to say i like your blog's new background excitement

Carrie said...

Gooooo Abby! Ben is working out too because he is getting old and his metabolism isn't what it used to be. I on the other hand apparently inherited some freakish gene where I lose 5 lbs with each child. I'm hoping to never work out again. After I have ten kids, that is.

michelle said...

I hope I have your gene Carrie!

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