Power Kick

I went to the gym today and as I was getting a drink I noticed a class was about to start: Power Kick. I haven't attended an aerobics class since before I was married. I was a little hesitant, but I decided to give it a try.

First, I was the only one in the room wearing a t-shirt (oversized as well) all the other women were in sports bras or little tanks. Second, the routine was difficult and very fast. I was watching my goofy self in the mirror.

I'll sum it up by saying I started feeling self-conscious, out of place, and thinking about how I could most easily get to the door without being noticed.

At this point I thought of my mom, who has never cared what other people think of her. I heard her voice saying, "Oh who cares what you look like!" Then I thought of one of our favorite movie clips. Goldie Hawn in Housesitter takes an aerobic class. She just does her own crazy moves and ignores the instructor altogether. It's funny. This made me laugh to myself.

I started getting the hang of the routine and it totally kicked my butt...way more intense than the 20 minutes on the elyptical I usually do.

(I did end up leaving when she gave us a break to get a drink, not because I felt stupid but becuase I thought I might pass out!)

This was a small personal victory for me.
My little sister is coming with me next week and I hope to stay for the whole class!


Michelle & Cole said...

Go Abby. I barely make it through 20 minutes of the elliptical and it takes Cole begging me to even get me to go do that much. Needless to say it only happens about 3 times a MONTH. Maybe your story will motivate me...maybe:)

Jon said...
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Jen said...

Gooo Abs! That is awesome!! I've always wanted to go take a fun class like that...but i have yet to join a gym. I've also thought about buying that Yoga Booty Ballet workout. haha it looks fun but i just can't bring myself to spend 4 easy payments of 19.9

Carrie said...

I want that one too, Jen! I'm seriously impressed, Abby. It is painful to work out! And I've totally been there in those stupid classes with the people in tiny clothes and feeling sooooo dumb. Good job for sticking it out. And it will be twice as fun next time when you are not only doing better, but you get to watch your sister look like you did last week! Haha! You guys will be laughing the whole time and not even realize you're working out. Good plan.

Melissa said...

i was just telling nate about the hip hop class we went to in provo sometimes. that was funny.

Dave&Aim said...

I am impressed Abby! When I worked at Golds Gym I never even tried to go to the classes. I would walk pass them and just peeking in for a second I knew that I would get my butt kicked. Good job sticking it out, or at least half of it!

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