You Might be Married to a Handyman IF:

1. You have a box of “work” clothes in your closet

2. Your dish-soap is smeared with car grease, and you sometimes find it in the shower with a washcloth that    
    will likely never come clean again.

3. You think about hiring work out- until you see the price tag. The cost to do the job yourself is always
    considerably less, even with the purchase of the specialized tool to get it done.

4. You have a garage full of random, specialized tools.

5. You are happy you have room to actually park in your garage, even if you have to shimmy.

6. You have items at your home like a Rocket Candy Launcher and a 27’ movie screen complete with a 
     pulley system to hang off the back of your house.

7. You find drill bits and screws in the washing machine…and everywhere else.

8. Your husband rarely reads the instructions, and that’s OK.

9. You have put your kids to bed to the sound of a paint-sprayer, tile saw, or sander.

10. You have to ask your husband to consider NOT using the table saw after 10pm.

11. Your husband has a part-time “job” repairing things for family and neighbors.

12. The fumes of spray-paint, polyurethane, and glue are, unfortunately, not unfamiliar.

13. You’ve had experience wiping sawdust and drywall powder off of EVERY SURFACE in your house!

14. Each time you hold his calloused hands you find a new nick.

15. When out on a date, he asks things like, “How many furnaces do you think this place has?”

16. Looking at your kitchen ceiling makes you smile, because you remember all the time he spent sanding, 
      patching, and painting it.

17. Despite the repeated reminder “change your clothes first!”- His shirts, pants, and shoes have a limited 
      life-span before joining the box of “work clothes” in the closet.

18. Your kids believe there is nothing dad can’t fix.

19. You wake up to find your husband spontaneously building a shed because he felt like it.

20. You know exactly where the bathrooms are located in the local Home Depot and Lowes.


melissa said...

ha. i think nate is handy, but i'm pretty sure ammon takes it to the next level.

also, i'm lately being shocked with the price of raw materials. it's lame.

AaronsherriHatch said...

I can relate to almost of these! This made me smile. I'm always proud that Aaron can fix almost anything we need. I too am grateful for our remodel because he did it. Our kids also went to bed with the air compressor, drills and hammering. We are lucky!

Teresa said...

I love it! Especially the one about the furnaces. We sure appreciate Ammon and all he does.

The Mattinson's said...

My husband is the same way. We too have GARAGES filled with specialized tools.

Michelle said...

This made me smile. The high point for us was when he had his upright saw on the kitchen cupboard in our apartment because we didn't have a garage. I never had any room to make dinner and hoped I didn't get saw dust in the food.

Abby said...

All your comments make me happy. Glad to see I'm not the only one. We are lucky!

Sherrie- You can tell our husbands are brothers- and the probably learned it all from their dad!

Michelle! That's classic!

Julie DeMille said...

The last one made me laugh! I don't mind Lowes and Home Depot, but if we go to AutoZone, I stay in the car.

Abby said...

Julie- That is so true! I stopped going into AutoZone a long time ago.

Rachel said...

my husband is a handyman for work and he loves to just build things on the spur of the moment! Those were all too similar to our every day life!!

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