Transition to "Permanent" childhood.

My children are losing teeth. 

I have the same feeling I did years ago as I packed away the nursing cover- realizing a season was over.

It was unexpected. I did expect that my children would lose their teeth, and even had some forewarning as they wiggled away. I did not expect the wave of emotion upon seeing their spacey smiles and big, bumpy teeth filling in.

As the roots of the little teeth dissolve and fall away, so do the hands that steady their clumsy steps, help them get dressed, tie their shoes and pour their cereal. When the tooth finally falls out--it is a symbol that these things are simply no longer needed.

This feels like a big transition, even a rite of passage, into their "real" childhood- 
the one they will remember.

I remember the excitement of losing my teeth- felt like the first tangible evidence that I was finally growing up.

They are moving into a season of trying new things, taking risks, broken bones, friends, and independence.

All the "show me how's" have made way for the "I can do that's."

This is when the anxiety sets in. It's hard to let them go, but at least it is gradual. I'm grateful for that.

I'm thrilled to watch them. Excel. Learn. Discover. and literally gROW.

Their mouths are as clear as their minds-- making way for their "permanent" teeth: A tangible part of the adult they are becoming...too big for their mouths, awkward, and crooked- imperfect as they grow.

A season that will never come again.


Julie DeMille said...

I love those toothy grins!

Laura Hatch said...

One of my professors once told me that he felt that at some level parenting has you in a constant state of mourning. You are always grieving what your children are leaving behind. And there is that. But there is also that constant excitement of watching them grow and discover, and I love that.

I've had the same thought lately about my children's memories. Are they going to remember our time is Ohio? I hope so.

I can't believe your kids are so big!

Abby said...

Laura, the other day I was asking Audrey if she remembered some of the really over-the-top things we did when she was smaller and SHE DIDN'T. I said, "Audrey, you don't even remember me when I used to be fun!" She agreed with me, and my heart broke just a little! I guess I'll have to step it up.

I hope your kids remember Ohio too. Take pictures, that will help!

Abby said...

That first picture makes my smile and cringe a little. Haha

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