Where was I 10 years ago:
I was in 8th grade at American Fork Junior High, unaware of how my life would change after my two best friends moved away. I will forever be grateful to Stephanie for inviting me to Ashley's surprise birthday party that summer. As I have read back through my journal, I have recognized it as an answer to prayer.

5 things on my to-do list today: Today is pretty much over, and I don't have anything planned for tomorrow. I can do whatever I want!
1. Don't eat chocolate. (I put myself on detox for four weeks, in hopes that I won't crave it fortnightly afterwards...)
2. Bathe Audrey and stick to her nap schedule (Healthy Sleep Happy Baby--good book)
3. Make sure Hyrum gets his fruit, veggies, and milk. (We just had his two year appt. and I felt like I could do better in giving him a balanced diet)
4. Go to the gym
5. Do at least one load of laundry

5 snacks I enjoy:
1-Melissa's Chocolate Cookies
2-Melissa's Chocolate Chip Cookies
3-Cheese and Crackers, especially with grape juice.
4-Hot Chocolate
5-Candy of all kinds, but preferable chocolate. Flips, Junior Mints, Reeses...

What would I do if I were suddenly made a billionaire:
Invest. College educations for my children, and everyone else. Buy the house I love in American Fork, and then I would need to pay for someone to take care of the yard, becuase it is huge. While I am hiring people, I think I could go for a maid and a cook, that way I could focus on the fun stuff!

5 places I have lived:
1-American Fork, UT
2-Provo, UT
3-Red Bluff, CA
4-Lehi, UT
5-American Fork, UT

5 jobs I have had:
1-Cleaning Dad's Office (You and me megan) and delivering his papers.
2-Server and Event Manager at Northampton House
3-Admin for I-Satellite
4-Social Work Intern at UVRMC
5-Adoption Worker at LDS Family Services

5 things you don't know about me:
1- I love sitting on the couch reading a book and listening to the dishwasher, washer, and dryer do all the work.
2- In the past, whenever I was asked this question I would say that I can belly dance, but I can't really do that so well anymore.
3- Unless I have a reason to get dressed for the day, I usually won't. (So it is best to call before you come visit me.)
4- Saturday is pizza night, and Hyrum and I like to sing, "We're having pizza tonight!" while doing a little dance.
5- One time I was smart, and translated Vergil's Aeneid.

Husband Tag:

What is his name: Ammon William Hatch
How long have you been married: Just had our four year anniversary
How long did you date: long time. June 2000 through Jan 2004. (Mission inclusive)
How old is he: He is 25.
Who eats more: I probably do. Ammon often forgets to eat.
Who said I love you first: Ammon
Who is smarter: We're both pretty smart. I think we compliment each other.
Who does the laundry: I do. (but Ammon never complains when he doesn't have any clean clothes.)
Who folds the laundry: I do.
Who does the dishes: I do. Grandma Hatch does them often too.
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed: If you are laying in the bed, I do.
Who pays the bills: I do.
Who cooks dinner: I do. Again, Grandma Hatch as well.
Who drives when you're together: Always Ammon.
Who is more stubborn: We both are. We think it is funny when we both argue our point and then we both switch positions to accomodate the other person, which puts us back at square one.
Who proposed: Ammon, I totally saw it coming like 3 years in advance.
Who has more friends: We're the closest to our families, and he has a bigger family.
Who wears the pants in the family: We both wear pants...this isn't 1950.


Melissa said...

good answers. i always think that unless it's sunday, you're right, everyone's wearing pants.

i also hate to break it to you, but i've lost my art of chocolate chip cookies. there's a new contender, however, called chocolate chocolate chip. nate's dad wants me to make them for our reception. (ha.)

"i totally saw it coming three years in advance." remember inbetween those years when we were roommates? i'm glad we got to do that.

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