Ammon actually makes dinner pretty often. Especially on Pizza Night.

Also, I thought I should write about what Ammon does do since that "Husband Tag" was supposed to be about him.

He is our protector, provider, and presider.
He keeps the cars in good running order and always keeps them full of gas.
He changes the car seats over for me every weekend.
He prepares the primary lesson.
He is the spider killer.
All handyman issues, lawn mowing, and light bulb changing are his.
He remembers family prayer.
He is a full time dad: diapering, bathing, disciplining, and putting to sleep. He probably puts Hyrum to sleep twice as often as I do.
He lets me sleep in and take naps.
Ammon honestly wouldn't mind if I didn't make dinner for weeks, or do laundry, or make the bed, or clean at all. He would even be happy to do all the child care. He never complains that I didn't do something, and he never nags. I have a lot to learn from him.
He has no guile.
Obviously, I could go on. But we'll leave it at that.


Stephanie said...

I think spider killer is clearly the most important item on that list. I intend to move it up on my priority list for qualities in men I date. :) Sounds like all is well for the Hatch family! Keep the updates coming. :)

Michelle & Cole said...

I like your retraction. I love hearing good things about men and marriage in our society today. I think the world tries to send the message that marriage is a terrible thing and that men are scum. It isn't true and I loved hearing that you are happy and enjoy participating in God's plan for happiness. I have found it to be very joyous. Hopefully you understand what I mean. I'm around a lot of people out here that don't share my views and it can be sad at times to see how it affects their lives.

Alex and Laura said...

At first glance on this list of wonderful Ammon things we thought one was about how he is "full of gas." We laughed when we realized that he fills the cars with gas. Anyway, in the future it might not hurt to check your line breaks. Hee hee

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