When I grow up...

I want to be like SouleMama.
I read her (Amanda Blake Soule's) book The Creative Family recently and I simply swooned.Swooned I tell you.
If you follow the link to her blog, you get the idea of her style.
Simple, wholesome, back-to-nature creativity.
She inspires so many delightful ways to celebrate your children's creative energy with natural day-to-day rhythm and ritual.

Rather than try to tell you what the book contains, I'll tell you the projects it has inspired for me:

  • A Birthday Crown (just for Audrey so far) out of richly colored wool felt. It is only to be worn on the birthday and I intend to add a little something to it each year.

  • Finger knitting (a great start to learning knitting)

  • Embroidery- I took my all-time-favorite drawing of Hyrum's, transferred it to muslin, embroidered it, and framed it for my wall. I cherish this picture. (I 'll have to post a picture of it when I find my camera battery...)

  • A super simple bunting that I love.

  • Nature collections at different seasons...rocks, leaves, acorns, pinecones, seeds, flowers...the kids adore it, and so do I!

  • Used a tin can covered in scrapbook paper for our colored pencils. (looks adorable sitting on Hyrum's desk.) We love to sit quietly together and all draw in our respective tablets.

I am purchasing this book in my next Amazon load.
I love her idea of creating an "inspiration board" without boundaries...a place for you to collect things that inspire you. Bulletin board, string and clothespins, one whole wall?

And the ideas keep comin!


melissa said...

i love her blog. i stopped reading it a while ago because i was reading too many blogs and something had to go, but it's probably time for a rotation again because i've gotten some really cool ideas from her. i totally want this book too!

Emily said...

I swooned over this book, too. Love it!

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