Each life

Today marks four years since we've seen our Grandpa Hatch.
1 Wedding
4 Baptisms
1 Ordination
13 grand babies (+2 coming)
By the end of the year, over half of his grandchildren will have never met him in this life.
Hard nights and days for his sweet wife
New talents
Stretched comfort zones
New goals

Mom: "Where is grandpa Hatch"
Hyrum: "Up in heaven"
Mom: "What is he doing all day?"
Hyrum: "Visiting with Heavenly Father."
Mom: "Does he know who you are?"
Hyrum: "Yep"
Audrey: "Yes, Heavenly Father tells him"

Mom: "When will you see Grandpa Again?"
Audrey: "When he comes on Earth again."
Hyrum: "When Jesus comes again. And when we resurrect than we never ever die again."
Mom: "What are you going to do when you see Grandpa?"
Audrey: "Say, I LOVE YOU!"
Hyrum: "Give him really big hugs and give him a lot of treats!"

I think Grandpa is working as hard as ever. I feel comfort thinking of him working for us and encouraging my family from heaven--with direction, clarity, and peace.

God lives. Families are Forever.

Grandpa hasn't missed any of it.


Hatch Family said...

very sweet post abby.....

colleen said...

So true. Thanks for the reminder. Love you.

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