Trying to be like grandma

Hyrum came to me yesterday with this observation:

"Grandma always uses kind words, even when she tells me 'no' she uses kind words."
Then he emphatically points at me saying, "Not like you."

I explained that Grandma was older than me and had practiced longer (though I'm sure she's always been a patient woman); I told him I was still learning.

"Okay Mom, I'll help you. When you use mean words I'll just say Remember Mom, you're trying to be like Grandma!"

He makes me smile.


melissa marie said...

ha. that's pretty funny. from the small snippet that i saw you mothering last week, though (in the midst of chaos and hot hot heat), i'd say you are already pretty good at it.

Ryan, Penny, Madilyn and Miles said...

What a cute little boy you have. I love it when kids let us know they love us but want us to change!

Carrie said...

That's awesome. I'm trying to be like Grandma too.

Abby said...

Melissa, it's easier to keep your cool when you have an audience. :)
Thanks though.

Bitty said...

I agree with Melissa. I thought that you were an adorable mother and, just as an aside, incredibly beautiful.

colleen said...

I just have to say when I grow up I want to be just like you!!

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