The Kitty House

We bought a house!
The first time we visited this home, Audrey found a wandering black cat and began calling it the "Kitty House." We went back lots of times during the process of buying it and had experiences with worms, a huge beetle and a dead bird. Hyrum lovingly gave the house the full name of "The kitty-beetle-bird-worm house." And now it is ours. We have been pre-occupied with painting, fixing, cleaning, dreaming for several weeks. This is a picture of post-texturing in the kitchen.
And this with painted walls...(finale pictures still to come).It has been an adventure, and we're just beginning! Here are a few pictures of the kids occupying themselves while mom and dad are working.
Ammon says, "At least the kids are learning to play well together." Then he opened the garage door to this:

My favorite: Paint sticks as swords and sandpaper bands as crowns. Hyrum is King Arthur.
We're all a little tuckered out, but it's worth it!


melissa marie said...

i really don't ever use the term "lol" but i did laugh (out loud) about six times looking at these pictures. those two are definitely your kids and definitely siblings.

congratulations on the house! it looks really wonderful! (i'm also glad to see you're carrying on the tradition of moving while you're extremely pregnant. it seems like that's the way to go.)

Kyle and Shanalee said...

I think your house is beautiful! I am so glad that you have a blog & I am able to keep up on the happenings of your life. Your kids are adorable & I can't wait to see the new addition! Good luck with the new house, it is a lot of work but it is so nice owning your own place. Is it in American Fork?

Carrie said...

Oh man. Your own little piece of heaven. Congrats!

And it has been too long since you posted photos of your kiddos. So cute and so you!

Spencer and Shalynn said...


The Halls said...

That is great! Congrats!

TQ said...

Congratulations Abby! How wonderful and exciting! A house for the Hatch family! Congratulations on the impending arrival of baby number 3, by the way! :) And I LOVE the Thing 1 and Thing 2 shirts. Those are awesome.

It's me said...


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