I now christen you, "The Book Sharks"

My family has been saying we need to start a Cousins Book Club for a while---so we finally DID! My kids love these books:I thought they would make a fun book club. AND Then I found http://www.janbrett.com/ and couldn't help myself. We sent out formal invitations.
After the guests arrived, Hyrum welcomed them and conducted the first order of business: deciding on a name. They chose THE BOOK SHARKS. We played "There's a candy in my hand." We read Gingerbread Baby, talked about it, and acted it out. Then we read Gingerbread Friends, talked about it and then we put the pictures I had taped around the room in the right sequence. Gift boxes under the tree for their goodies (Gingerbread cookies, bookmark, placemat, & cute recipe card).Masks for Gingerbread Baby re-enactment, and a board game. Hyrum spent all week coloring Gingerbread Friends:

It was SO much fun. For me. I think the kids had a good time too.

I can't wait, The Book Sharks will strike again in October, in Logan. Em is doing a Halloween theme. I'm already excited about the possibilites!


melissa marie said...

holy mackerel, you guys are the coolest family ever! those kids are going to have such good memories of this. how fun.

Reid Family said...

You went to a lot of work for this and it looks like it was a hit! What a fun idea.

Bezzant family said...

We had to check out Gingerbread Baby at the library and make more more people this week. So fun. You inspire me.

Eric and Jenny said...

That sounds like so much fun!! What lucky kids to have you for a mom:)

AaronsherriHatch said...

how very creative Abby, you look great, Once again your hair is still so cute.

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