The Worm by Ralph Bergengren

When the earth is turned in spring The worms are fat as anything

And birds come flying all around To eat the worms right off the ground

They like worms just as much as I Like bread and milk and apple pie.

And once, when I was very young, I put a worm right on my tongue.

I didn't like the taste a bit, And so I didn't swallow it.

But oh, it makes my mother squirm Because she thinks I ate that worm!


julis said...

I love that you're teaching your children poems. And that you have the genius to tape them. You are creating a treasure box here, missy.

Mrs. Jen said...

How dang cute! He is going to be so smart, oh wait he already is.

AaronsherriHatch said...

EEEK! Hyrum is getting so big!! In the video he looks like he's goin through a "round" stage?? That Is way cute Abby!

Anonymous said...

That is the cutest! How precious.

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