It's All In Your Head

A friend of mine recently read Kids Are Worth It by Barbara Coloroso. The book is on my ever expanding TO READ list.
She shared with me a quote from it that had changed her parenting, that has since changed my perspective as well.
It's good for all relationships, but especially for parents of toddlers.
Drum roll please.....

"The purpose of a task is to strengthen the relationship."

I usually think of this quote when I am trying not to be frustrated that Hyrum is taking 20 minutes to put his pants on, and wanting me to watch. Or when he refuses to brush his teeth.

This quote reminds me that the purpose of playing CandyLand together is to strengthen our relationship, that way I can rest easy when he chooses to take his turn for 15 minutes, or not follow the rules, or choose to stop playing altogether.

I vote this quote as a keeper.


Carrie said...

Such a good thought, Ab. I'm needing that this week. Thanks so much.

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