Brought to you by the letter B!

Balloons. Berry Freeze. Bundt cake.
(Brown chicken, a green Bean side dish, and Bread. Yes, that 's a stretch. You work with what you got.)

We do a letter of the....until whenever I decide to change the letter. We've done "B" since Hyrum's Birthday, and we wanted to go out with a BANG! Don't be fooled, now. It may seem like I did this for my kids, but I concede; it was purely selfish. It just so happened that Thursday morning I felt that in order to survive the day, I needed something to look forward to. Food. Cake. Fun. Balloons. Cake. Thus the Big Blue and Black Banquet was Born. I looted my mom's closets for materials and she indulged my OTT (Over The Top) behavior by funding the balloon and craft paper run. I think we made some fun memories, despite my egotistical motives.


Anonymous said...

What a great idea, and how fun!

Bezzant family said...

you're such a fun and creative mom!

The Hardy's said...

I'm jealous that you can be so spontaneous. I was joking with my mother-in-law the other day that I am a very boring, not fun person. That's one of the reasons I love you. You make up for boring people like me.

Andrew and Melissa said...

What a fun idea! I'm sure your kids loved it.
I wanted to tell you that you have me hooked on "Brummel and Brown made with natural yogurt" butter. You left it at our house on your last trip down here and now I have to have it in the fridge at all times. It's 50% less fat....but not when you go from using no butter to putting gobs of it on EVERYTHING!

mrs. peterson said...

that sounds like a lot of fun, and am i mistaken or are you wearing elbow-length gloves?? any occasion that calls for elbow-length gloves is a good idea, that's what i say.

Abby said...

Melissa P: Yes, those are gloves. Sometimes you just need to create an occasion for gloves! Didn't you get me started on Brummel and Brown butter?
You see how it has spread. I've got Myka hooked too.

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