The Stories that are Told and Retold

I can still remember my fascination with chalk rocks.
I'm four; my parents just purchased a brand new Ford Aerostar.
The van was gray, like a fresh slate.
I wrote my ABC's with such care, sure to space them out evenly over the entire (reachable) surface.
I don't remember my parent's reaction,
but I can imagine.
The story goes that, thanks to me, we owned the FIRST Ford Aerostar with a stripe.
The trend caught on fast.
Before we knew it, there were Aerostars everywhere
with a big horizontal stripe right at the height of a small child.
Check out this copy cat:


Stephanie said...

I wish your family had just owned the first Aerostar alphabet ever. I think it may have caught on even faster than the stripe...:)

mrs. peterson said...

i never knew your van didn't originally have a stripe. all because of you? i didn't know!

Bezzant family said...

so glad you had the idea to write down memories! I may copy you, although lots of my memories are with your family...notes to Lou, the 15 passenger van, just to name a few!

Kyle and Shanalee said...

Okay. I admit it. I've been blog stalking you forever. I think your kids are adorable and I love that your daughter looks just exactly like you. I love your way of writing, it always keeps me more entertained than any book I've ever read!

Before I got married I dug up some very old pictures of, I think it was my 8th birthday?? You were there, Amie, ohmygosh I almost couldn't think of her maiden name, HARWARD (Sorry Amie!)

Anyway, I just wanted to come out of the closet and spill my secret. So now you know, I'm a stalker!!

Abby said...

Glad to have you Shanalee!
Join the club of Blog Stalking, we all do it.

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