Just a glimpse of our holiday vacation

Is there something wrong with this picture?

Audrey's cast fell off.
Yes, folks, it just fell off.
We stopped in an out-of-the-way corner of Disneyland to assess the situation: Baby with broken leg without cast. Toddler with fever and croup.
Ammon and I were huddled around our younglings when we noticed someone stoop down behind us.
It was Mary Poppins!
Upon hearing our story she declared she had "never heard anything so absurd in all her life."
This is the woman who pulls lamps and hat stands out of carpet bags, mind you.
Turns out, Mary Poppins is one of Ammon's childhood favorites. He was pleased to have met her in person. It wasn't a favorite movie for me, I thought she looked old, which is funny now.
(P.S. Sorry about the link...it's one of Hyrum's favorites. I couldn't resist. Gotta love the 1990 Disney Sing-A-Longs. Watch out it's catchy.)


mrs. peterson said...

Well that's a delightful way to tell about the absurd.

The Hardy's said...

So, what did you end up doing?

Abby said...

We kept her off of it as much as we could. She didn't act like it hurt her. She lounged out in the stroller, stretching it out. We flew home the next day and went to our Orthopedist yesterday. She is healed enough that he didn't recast it. She still needs to take it easy though. At least we avoided the terrifying cast saw!

Hatch Family said...

what a story...!

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